Chikurinchi evo

Chikus have the fastest attack speed

Chiku, formerly Tikulee in Patapon 1, is a Rarepon species seen in the Patapon games to. Its evolved state is Chikkuri, and its maximum level is Chikurinchi. It is distinguishable by its deep blue colour (darker than Gyaba) and numerous quills.

To upgrade any of your units into a Chiku Rarepon, they must first be upgraded into a Nyontama Rarepon.

These Rarepons have generic damage and HP gains, but sport decent critical rates, and unmatched attack speed. In fact, they are the fastest attackers in the game, able to wield the heaviest weapons with speed to spare. On the flip side, they have low defences, no immunities, and a vulnerability to ice attacks and freezing effects. The value of their speed is also reduced when you realize that even the fastest Patapon can only attack twice per command.

As a unit, these Rarepons are best as Yumipons or in combination with Giant weapons. A Chikurinchi Hero Yumipon is especially deadly, because his Hero Mode allows him to fire as fast as the stats say (combined with a strong bow, he can quite literally perforate most enemies in seconds). However, against bosses with wide-ranged attacks-like Gorl's Mouth Laser- or in any environment with snow or ice attacks, they are extremely vulnerable. The Yumipon hero can also equip any mask of his choice without compromising attack speed heavily, since the natural fast attack speed of Chikurinchi is already in place.

Level 1 Description: Improves critical hits but low defence skills and freezes easily. His speed only starts to be effective after leveling-up.

Level 5 Description: He's pretty fast, but still needs leveling-up to unlock his true potential. Improves critical hits by 20%, but defense skills are still low and intolerant to ice.

Level 10 Description: Gosh, what scary spikes! Fast and furious instantaneous attacks. But extremely bad defense and really weak against ice.

Appearance: porcupine, hedgehog, urchin
HP: +100 Crit Ratio: +20%
Damage: +10-10 KB Ratio: 0
Attack Speed: -1.80 CNC Ratio: 0
Resist Ignite: 0 Ignite Ratio: 0
Resist Freeze: -40% Freeze Ratio: 0
Resist Sleep: 0 Sleep Ratio: 0
Immunities: N/A
22x Lv3 30x Lv2 20x Lv2 9x Lv2

Patapon 3Edit



In Patapon 3, Chiku is designated as an upgraded Yumiyacha class, named Alosson. Alosson wields bows and longbows, and can fire faster than the bow and crossbow wielding Yumiyacha. His Uberhero Mode is similar to Broken Arrow only faster and does not pierce (unless you have a Yoichiro), but the arrows have a somewhat exploding effect.


Alosson 3

Kan as a Alosson.

  • 'Chiku' is the prefix for 'Chikushō' (畜生) is the Japanese word for 'Brute' or 'Beast'. It can sometimes be equivalent to the word "獣" (kemono) which means 'beast'.
  • In the original Patapon game, its spikes are more visible than in Patapon 2 and Patapon 3.
  • Chiku and Rarepons related to it are the fastest attacking rarepons in the game.

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