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Level Info
(Boss Battle) Dokaknel Quest Info.png
Enemy Dokaknel
Location Bottomless Stomach Desert (Dark)
Theme: Down and Out Rock

The giant coiling Dokaknel rules over the desert. The time has come for this mighty worm's solo appearance!
  — Mission Description 
  • Single player OK; multiplayer recommended.
  • Approx. enemy level:110 / Reward: ?

This Patapon 3 DLC quest was released on September 8th, 2011. It leads you to fight Dokaknel, located at the Bottomless Stomach Desert (Dark).

Due to the incredibly high attack power of Dokaknel, you will want to use high-level equipment.


  • This Dokaknel is much more stronger than the one in previous games; high level equipment is recommended.
  • When you start the quest Dokaknel will instantly come towards you, so be prepared to attack.
  • During the boss battle Dokaknel will disappear into the ground and reappear somewhere else at times. You can tell where he reappears by his health bar moving to the location of where he will reappear.


  • There is a glitch where Dokaknel's Fire Breath will not work in the rain.
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