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Level Info
(Meanwhile... ) The Witch and the thunder beast quest info.png
Enemies: Queen Kharma, Fenrir
Location: Snow Field of Sullied Tears (Dark)
Theme: Pikkurakotta's Theme

An old foe tribal queen returns with a ferocious pet to torment the Patapons once again! What a drag.
  — Mission Description 
  • Side story quest unrelated to main story.
  • Approx. enemy level: 70 / Reward: ?

This is the second DLC quest at the Snow Field of Sullied Tears (Dark). Be careful! This mission is only for single player!


In this level, you will face Queen Kharma and a Thunder Lion. Queen Kharma is much more powerful than in the original Patapon game but has the same attacks as before. The Thunder Lion will be the same Thunder Lion from the multiplayer quest, Thunder Beast Justice, but is a lot stronger. This level is difficult for many players because it can only be done in single player, and you can not call on your friends to help you on this quest. This quest is unrelated to the main story and is a side story quest.


  • All-round classes such as Tondenga, Charibasa and Kibadda are recommended for this mission. Beware that this mission can only be done in singleplayer and so if you use classes that are not a shield unit like Yarida, then you will have to rely on your shield non-Uberhero Patapon to stay alive, if he dies then Hatapon is likely to die after and you will fail the quest.
  • Stagger resistant equipment is important as the both the Thunder Lion and Queen Kharma will use attacks with high stagger rate, and if you get staggered you will be dangerously vulnerable to attacks and so you will take more damage. Also if you get staggered all the time you will not be able to inflict any damage to Kharma or the Thunder Beast.
  • When you first start this level, you will start right next to the Thunder Beast and Queen Kharma will appear second after, they will instantly bombard you with attacks, which can prove to be devastating to class with little defense, like ranged attacker such as Yarida. The Thunder Beast is similar to the Thunder Beast in the dungeon Thunder Beast Justice but with a higher health and with a higher attack power it also inflicts a higher stagger rate.
  • One of the hardest attacks to avoid is the Zigoton Drum it will pull your forces towards the Thunder Beast regardless of what you do. This attack can be hard to see it coming and even harder to avoid. The best way to counter this attack is to summon before Queen Kharma uses the Zigoton drum. That way, the drum will have no effect on your Patapons. It is also possible to use the retreat song to counter the effects.


Queen Kharma DLC.png

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