Kuwagattan and His minions
Akumapon General Kuwagattan along with Akumapon troops


Demon Soldiers


Karmen, Bonedeth


The Patapons and The Zigotons.


Black, purple, and blue.


Black Hoshipon, Underworld King, General Kuwagattan, Dark One

Beasts and Super-Weapons:

Demon Gate Bababaan, Goruru/Garuru, Dettankarmen/Zuttankarmen, Matango, balrog/balrag , Underworld Tank Zugagang

Akumapons are one of the two main enemy tribes that first were introduced in Patapon 2.

The Akumapons were possibly summoned from the Underworld by the Karmen as assistants, or they may simply be allies against the Patapons.

Some Akumapons seems to be people of the underworld and some Akumapons are empowered Zigotons, meaning both could be true. Akumapons can only had the power to escape the underworld when the World Egg is broken.

The Akumapons appear again in Patapon 3. They are first seen in the mission Black Hoshipon Strikes Back, and, use Fire/Unique Equipment. They have a higher attack speed than Bonedeths, and total immunity to freeze.




They look like the Zigotons, with their squarish bodies, but they are colored purple (relating to that they are demons, because of the weapons that are items that are purple in Patapon 2, usually represented the demons) and sport a horned hat, that is similar to a scorpion. They came from the Underworld and are led by two generals, The Dark One and Kuwagattan, who are in turn being led by Black Hoshipon, the one who is called "Black Star" or "Dark Star". They seem to favor the use of Ice and Sleep weapons to stop their enemies. However, they were ultimately defeated by the might of the Patapon Army. Many Akumapons look like Scorpiton, but have deep violet eyes and slits for pupils.


  • "Akuma" means Demon or Devil in Japanese, fitting with the Akumapon's likely origin as demons.
  • When they die, Akumapons will utter "Au Revoir!" (a French term for 'goodbye'), and/or "My will is gone..." in the text balloon because some of them have offered their souls for great power.
  • It is possible that Akumapons are reincarnations of Zigoton soldiers. In the first game, Queen Kharma says that she sacrificed the "Zigoton bloodline" to evil for power. This gave both her and her soldiers immense power, giving them strength (boosted attack rate) and the ability to reborn, much like Makoton (the Dark One).
    • This may explain why Akumapons wear scorpion caps, much like Scorpiton.
    • It can also explain why Akumapons never appeared in the first game, but appeared in the second and third games.
  • In Patapon 3, they are only seen on areas where balrogs and/or balrags appear.
  • In Patapon 3 Black Hoshipon speaks of a "Dark Lord", who is no doubt an unknown ruler of the underworld and the Akumapons. Whether it is to be faced or not in a sequel is yet undetermined, but for now it remains unidentified.


  • Black Hoshipon
  • Dark One & Akumapon army
  • Kuwattagan & Matango
  • Lord Bababaan
  • Balrog summoned by Black Hoshipon
  • Garuru
  • Underworld that arose when World Egg was shattered
  • Black Hoshipon requiring help from Dark Heroes
  • Fan-Made Render of the Akumapon in Patapon 2
  • Ditto
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