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Level Info
All-out Desert Drag Race.png
Enemies Dark Heroes
Next Missions Archfiend of Restraint
Previous Missions Buzzcrave and the Oasis of Eternal Sleep
Background Music Slip Trip Gulp Theme

The duel is at the racing alley in the desert, overlooked by four great iron towers. Buzzcrave arrives first, upon his steed Ponteo, saying "Voila! Behold our grandness!"
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lvl19 / Reward: Iron Chest Lvl19

This is the first mission in the Racing Alley of Restraint. Defeating this level will unlock a new race named "A horses pride".


In this mission, Buzzcrave and his warhorse Ponteo the Victorious may have a speed bonus, but the floating blue orbs can make you both equal. You'll have to race Ragewolf, Buzzcrave, Sonarchy, and Ravenous, so this might be a difficult race. You'll have to break stone walls, and two Iron walls, but if you use a Tondenga with a club you can do more damage to structures. Other classes like Destrobo who has damage bonuses against structures, or Cannogabang can be useful. Use equipment with high damage to destroy structures quickly. Also be aware of cannons positioned on top of stone structures these will cause knockback, stagger and will set your Patapons on fire, if you have low fire resistance.



Patapon 3 Multi All-out Desert Drag Race

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