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Ancestral Guardian is the first boss mission in Patapon. After collecting the Blank Map from Gong the Hawkeye, Meden leads the army of the Almighty to a Hidden Ruin, where Dodonga defends another sacred drum.


"With the BLANK MAP as their guide, the Patapons venture into unknown territories! Uncover the secrets of the hidden ruins!"


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Level description.

As soon as the mission starts, you will come across an obelisk. Destroy it to get the "Chaka Drum", a green tambourine with a female-like voice. After the obligatory cut scene, you can now drum "Chaka" by pressing the Triangle Button.

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The Chaka Drum

Thanks to the new drum, you will be able to perform the Lament of Defense (Chaka Chaka Pata Pon), which you should've found in theLast mission. Test it out to discover that it puts your Patapons into a defensive state, reducing the damage of incoming attacks. Tatepons gain the best effects from the Defense song, as they will put their shields in front of themselves to further reduce damage. In Fever mode, their shields will become bigger and even more effective at blocking attacks. Additionally other Patapons will still attack while defending, but with smaller range intended for nearby enemies. Keep this in mind, it'll be a key element of future missions.

Play four rounds of the ChakaChaka to advance, and make sure you have got Fever before moving on. You'll eventually meet Dodonga. Thankfully, Dodonga isn't a difficult opponent to beat. It IS the FIRST boss after all.

Your new song will be extremely useful against the boss' Headbutt and Fire Breath, but the Devour attack will

At level 5

render it useless. Nonetheless, try to defend when Dodonga readies its instant-kill move-the Defense song makes your troops gather around Hatapon, so if the banner-carrying Patapon is far away from Dodonga, no one gets devoured. Apart from that, just work through the losses and keep up the offense. Try to alternate between PonPon and ChakaChaka to ensure your attacks hit Dodonga as it advances and retreats.

When Dodonga meets its end, take a deep breath and congratulate yourself on your first defeated boss! However, it's only going to get worse from here...


Let's Play Patapon - Mission 7 - Ancestral Guardian

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 7 - Ancestral Guardian

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