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Map 8



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Shiny Star And Black Star

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Pikkurakotta's Theme

Ancient Guardian Manboroth or Primordial Fang in Manbo Ruins is a (technically) optional boss in Patapon 2. After finding the Black Star in Tink Ravine, the Patapons can travel to the Manbo Ruins, where another song can be found, along with a dangerous enemy.


For more thorough information on defeating Manboroth, see the main article here.

You will be frozen often, so if you don't have freeze-resistant Patapons yet, it is highly recommended to get some freeze-resistance.

In this mission, you will receive a new song. Manboroth is a much more powerful version of Manboth. You WILL NEED the PonPata Requiem of Retreat. If you have not already earned it by defeating Dogaeen in the mission Awakening at Neogaeen Ruins, do so now.

It is a good idea to start this mission with plenty of heavy hitters. Dekapons and Tatepons are the best options. Don't forget some long-ranged units though. Bring plenty of Fire Weapons too.

When the mission starts, destroy the tombstone and get the Hold-Tight Hoe Down (Pon Pon Chaka Chaka). It increases the power of your Patapons' next attack or defense command, and can completely change the way your Patapons fight. The charge command is very expensive in terms of time; you need to spend one command to charge and another comma
and to unleash its effects. Nonetheless, it's effective when you're about to engage a enemy, or when you need to bring down a tower after the enemies around it have fallen.

Of course, you'll have to earn the right to keep the song by defeating a boss. Advance a little further to find what appears to be a spikier, blue-spotted Manboth, frozen in ice. This is a Manboroth, and you have to bring it down to complete the mission.

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Manboroth in patapon 2

Before launching an attack on the immobile behemoth, try charging up with PonChaka. The boss can't attack until the bottom of the ice shell is shattered, so take advantage of it to give your opening blow some more punch. The charge-up song isn't as recommended in the actual fight, as you'll need to retreat at a moment's notice, but it should always be used after Manboroth refreezes itself with Ice Age.

After defeating Manboroth you will receive the Manboroth Battle Egg. Manboroth, like Manboth, will drop all tiers of meat.