The Ancient Superweapon Org is a half boss that first appeared in Patapon 3.

Ancient Superweapon Org


The Ancient Superweapon Org is a so-called Superweapon that is piloted by Madfang Ragewolf. It is found on the third floor of the Labyrinth of Restraint and requires the use of a password ("HEAP!!! OF!!! JUNK!!!") to turn on and become operational. When Org is sufficiently damaged, it will power down, trying to repair itself and Ragewolf will be forced to flee.


While being capable of self-repair, Org only has two attacks.
SuperWeapon Org

SuperWeapon Org uses the Photon Cannon attack.

Photon Cannon Edit

The Superweapon squats down and a ball of mist expands out of the cannon port. When it is fully expanded, the Superweapon jerks back and the ball of mist flies towards the Patapons. This attack possesses fire and ice attributes, and besides damage, it can inflict ignite and freezing status. This attack can be evaded with the PonPata song.

Rapid IceEdit


Org fires Rapid Ice

Without warning, Org will fire what appears to be bullets made of mist. This attack happens at random times, and deals minor ice damage. It can fire when walking and flying.


  • Strangely, Ragewolf is still seen piloting Org even after his execution has taken place. The reason for this is unknown, although it might not be canon.
  • A stronger version of Org, called Dahl, is found in the Depths of Gluttony.
  • When the player defeats Org, it sounds like a Dark Hero dying. A possible reason for this is that a Dark Hero is the one piloting the Superweapon.
  • At occasions when rapid damage is done, a glitch will occur where the Superweapon will end up behind the player's units, leaving the Patapons free to march to the end of the level.
  • Similarly to Matango, Org (and Dahl) is counted as a building in-game and therefore its HP is not displayed.
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