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Angry Mochichichi is a boss mission in Patapon 2. After a string of victories over their Karmen foes, the Patapons head to the Sutten Plains for a hunting session, but get more than they bargained for.

Tactics Edit

Angry mochichichi


Initially, you'll see a group of four Mochichis so close that you will need to build Fever Mode with ChakaChaka songs to avoid waking them up. However, they're not the main attraction here; advance a little past them to find a significantly larger beast. Unfortunately, when you launch an attack on Mochichichi, you'll find it's not as passive as its lesser brethren.

At this point in the game, you're not optimally equipped to handle this boss, but the standard Yumipon-Yaripon-Tatepon setup works fine. Kibapons or Dekapons are an option for your Hero or as a replacement for Yaripons. It's best to keep Mochichichi far away from your rallying point. The ChakaChaka song is perfectly usable against its blows, but you can sometimes avoid damage by using the Defense song to bring your units back around Hatapon, especially when Mochichichi tries to jump on your forces.

The boss always uses its Sleeping Gas after being staggered, so you probably want to defend immediately after teetering it. It's possible to stagger it while it readies the counter, but unless you've done some major farming of Rarepons, it's doubtful that you're well-equipped for that style of battle. Just defend as best you can; Mochichichi will briefly flee after a Sleeping Gas attack, so your troops will have plenty of time to wake themselves up if they're hit.

When Mochichichi falls, you'll get its egg for the Patagate. Going after its masks is a recommended action, as the HP boost can definitely aid your Hero in the upcoming battles. After level 10 Mochichichi learns a new attack: he sits in the ground and he spins like a tornado. This attack is very dangerous so your only hope is that you have the PonPata song or there will be trouble.

Post-Battle DialogueEdit

Meden: "Dear Lord...Gong has left a note. "I'll wait at Gangoro Desert." Huh... This is it? How simple..."

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