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Ravenous has assembled the Dark Heroes to fight Uberhero once again and one day claim all the rare items in existence. Beware! Ravenous is deadly when drooling over earthly wares!
  — Mission Description 

Anything for a Rare Item

Suggested: Lv17 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv 17

This is the second mission at the Arena of Earnestness.


The battle here is almost exactly like the mission A Greedy Raven Spies Three Outposts, so refer there for a strategy. The only difference is that the Dark Heroes are stronger here. Ravenous, Ragewolf, Naughtyfins, and Sonarchy appear in this level.



Patapon 3 Walkthrough Extra Anything for a Rare Item

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  • The mission description says that it gives you "J518" (possibly a strangely-leveled Jeweled Chest), but actually, it does not. This is just a typo, but it confuses players.