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Level Info
Archfiend of Earnestness..png
Enemies Bonedeth, Treants, Salamander, Shookle
Next Missions No Heavenly Bounty on a Scorched Desert, Mansion Inner Garden(Optional)
Previous Missions A Greedy Raven Spies Three Outposts
Background Music Ponbekedatta's Theme, Kachinkoron Rock

The key to the ancient weapon, Mecha Hoshipon, has been whisked away by Sonarchy. Survive the death traps to reach the basement of the estate, face the Archfiend of Earnestness, and escape alive!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv15-17 / Reward: Jeweled Chest Lv17

This is the first mission at the Estate of Earnestness. The Archfiend of Earnestness is affiliated with RottenLee Ravenous.

Bottom 1[]

Jump up and push the switch up to open the gate. Beware of Matango 's spores, the set skill Tropical tailwind is suggested to blow the spores away from your Patapons to avoid Status Effects such as sleep or poison. Two Megadeth, a Kibadeth, and a Matango are right behind it.


Defeat them, but be warned that Matango will spawn more Bonedeth. A few feet away, you'll find two Treants. Kill them, and when Matango is dead it will drop a key, which is used to open a purple door ahead. Behind this door lies a Golden Chest and the goal. Decide to proceed or not.

Note: If Matango is defeated, all other enemies on this floor automatically get defeated.

Bottom 2[]

"The towering Treant, which feeds on the earth's essence, blocks all passers-by. Bring weapons that burn."

The Talking Sign will tell you a riddle. Step on the switch to activate a timer. If you run out of time, the key at the end of the stage will be lost. Break down the door and kill the Treant and Lava Salamander. Break down the next door, kill the two Treants, and keep moving. A Cinder Beast Deth Treant and a few Lava Salamanders will attack you. Kill them. Step on the switch to stop the time limit, grab the key, and open the purple door. Past here is a Jeweled Chest and the goal. Decide to proceed or not.

Bottom 3[]

Grrble... ...Shvink!

"The Archfiend of Earnestness lords over the depths of the Estate of Earnestness. Prepare to face a mighty boss!"

Main article: Shookle

On this floor you'll battle Shookle. For more information on how to beat the boss, click on the link. Once dead, Shookle drops a key. Break down the door ahead to get a Jeweled Chest, reach the goal, and advance with the story.



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