Awakening at Neogaeen Ruins is an optional boss mission in Patapon 2 that puts the player against "Dogaeen, lord of nature." Unlocked by acquiring the Mud-Stained Map from a Zubatto on Mt. Gonrok. The Patapons will fight against The Lord of Nature, Dogaeen, for the right to wield a new command song.

Untitled dogaeen

Dogaeen in Patagate


The mission begins with a tombstone in front of you. This one yields the Requiem of Retreat (Pon Pata Pon Pata), which allows your Patapons to run away from attacks. The movement speed of your fleeing Patapons depends on their equipment and rarepon stats. Of course, to be able to wield it freely, you have to earn the right against a guardian.

After the requisite practice session, advance to meet Dogaeen, a stronger, blue version of Gaeen. Check out its own Page for more details on its familiar, but powerful attacks.