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Ban the Tatepon

Fan-made render for Ban the Tatepon.


Ban the Tatepon is a recurring character in the Patapon series. As his name suggests, he is a Tatepon. Ban wields a Sword of the Late Tatepon, a Steel Shield and an Ancient Helm. He is one of the four Patapon Champions of Lore mentioned in Patapon 3. The other champions are Gan Yaripon, Don Yumipon, and Uberhero Patapon.

In Game[]

He helps you early in Patapon 1 and Patapon 2. He goes to your aid in Escape from Isolation (Patapon) and Exploring the Juju Jungle (Patapon 2). You will see his extreme power in seconds, as he can destroy any building or enemy in one attack. He will take damage only over 200. Sadly once you are nearing the end of the level he will leave, but with some nice surprises. In both games he will drop the memory of the Tatepons and some material to make up to at least one Tatepon.


  • Only Karmen General Nomen has been said to rival Ban the Tatepon.
  • In Patapon, he "passes on", but he is seen again in Patapon 2 to do the same thing.
  • In Japanese culture, a butterfly is a person's soul whether the person is living, dying, or already dead. This explains Don the Yumipon and Ban the Tatepon turning into Butterflies at the end you meet them.
  • Ban the Tatepon's spirit is morphed into Chin the Tatepon in Patapon 3.
  • If Ban the Tatepon dies, then its an immediate mission failure.
  • Strangely, he leaves a cap behind when he dies by enemy fire, but not by "passing on".
  • If you look closely when Ban Tatepon trying to help out, it seems he is not holding his sword properly (this only happens in Patapon) .
  • In Patapon 2, his name is Pan Tatepon. This is a typo.
  • When he dies, he doesn't fall like a usual Patapon; he is sliced into two pieces.
  • Ban is seen wielding the unobtainable weapon sword of the late tatepon in both patapon and patapon 2.