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Patapon (Game)

This is a very annoying level for some players. First, you encounter two regular towers, which you must destroy. Now the Zigotons have a new type of tower that looks like a small castle; these must be destroyed, too.

At the end, the Zigotons will have Dekaton Tower to create a headwind to blow back your arrows so before you start, you will have to retrieve the Tailwind JuJu by killing the Golden Motiti (mystery meat) in the swamp hunting mission. Use fire-elemental bows (Dekaton Tower is very weak against flame).

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A Dekaton with a Fort

fter retrieving the JuJu, proceed through the level (you will have to use the Juju about 1-5 times depending on how fast you are and how well you did on the Juju song). Don't go through the level too fast or you'll miss some of the good weapons the Dekatons and other Zigotons drop.

Dekapon Tower heavily damaged.