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Head-on gameplay

The Battle Gate is a location introduced in Patapon 3. It allows players to access Versus Mode during multiplayer, which lets players against others in three different game modes: Head-on, Dead Heat, and Missile Battle. Versus Mode arenas and game modes can be unlocked by completing the relevant Versus Mode arena in story mode.

Versus teams will always be evenly matched, with a minimum and maximum of two and four players per team. The level range will be based on the highest level player on the team, within 2 levels. A team with a level 26 player will be matched with a team within levels 24 - 28. Both teams can summon Djinns, but not simultaneously. Rules, such as time limit and victory conditions, can be set when selecting an game mode.

Game Modes[]


A neutral tower being captured.

The blue team's flag. The flag is the team's host Clan logo.

Head-on is a straight-forward game mode: fight through the enemy forces and capture their flag for victory. If the time limit expires, the team with the most points is declared the victor. Teams can earn points by defeating opponents, destroying enemy structures, and capturing neutral territories. Depending on the rules, a number of neutral structures can be touched to convert them onto your team. These include cannons, forts, stone walls, castles, towers to obstruct the opposing team. Some larger structures require players to remain close for a brief period in order to be captured.

Dead Heat[]


Dead Heat is a racing game mode where both teams must march to the victory flag at the end of the stage. Depending on the rules, the entire team or one member must cross the goal in order to win. Throughout the course, various obstacles, including iron walls, forts, cannons, and monsters will be slowing down both teams. Obstacles that share the same color as a team can be freely passed by that team. Neutral structures and monsters will block both teams. If the time limit expires, the race will end with a draw and the red team automatically wins regardless of distance.

Missile Battle[]

Missile Multiplayer.png

Missile Battle isolates both teams on their own platforms equipped with a protective structure and a missile lever. Players must attack the lever in order to launch missiles towards the opposing team's platform. Successful missile strikes will damage the opposing team's platform, eventually destroying it, which determines the victor. If the time limit expires, the team with the most points is declared the victor. At each side of the screen is a missile meter with ten sections. For every missile fired, a section will light up. On the 3rd, 5th, and 7th missile, a more powerful missile is fired. On the 10th missile, a giant missile is fired, and the meter resets.

Rule Settings[]

VS matching.jpg

Matching Rules[]

Determines which team's rules the match will use for the versus match.

  • Prioritize Selected Rules: "Search for an opposing team without changing the rules which your group has chosen. Normally requires more time than "Prioritize Matching"."
  • Prioritize Matching: "Search for an opposing team by prioritizing matching. 'Rules may change to accommodate opponents"


Determines the victory condition of the versus match.

  • Time Based
    • Head-on: "Capture the enemy flag within the time limit. If time expires, winner is determined by points."
    • Dead Heat: "Reach the goal within the time limit. Winner determined by points based on order of finish."
    • Missile Battle: "Destroy enemy fort within time limit. If time expires, winner is determined by points."
  • Point Based
    • Head-on: "First team to reach point quota wins. Capturing enemy flag results in a Perfect Win regardless of points."
    • Missile Battle: "First team to reach point quota wins. Destroying enemy fort results in a Perfect Win regardless of points."
  • Reborn Count Based
    • Head-on/Missile Battle: "Uberheroes have limited Reborns. A team loses by exhausting Reborns or by losing their flag to opponent."

The number of Reborns remaining decreases only when the Reborn timer begins counting down. If a player is revived by a Summon before the timer starts, the Reborn counter will not decrease.

Time Limit[]

Missile battle with Dark Heroes.

Determines the time limit for the versus match, if the rule is Time-based.

  • 5 min. 00 sec.
  • 10 min. 00 sec.
  • 15 min. 00 sec.
  • No limit


Determines the time limit for the versus match, if the rule is Point-based.

  • 500 points
  • 1000 points
  • 1500 points

Death Count[]

Determines the Reborn Count for the versus match, if the rule is Reborn Count-based.

  • 5 deaths
  • 10 deaths
  • 15 deaths
  • 20 deaths

Optional Rules[]

Additional rules, which changes depending on the mode.


Determines the number of neutral territories on the field.

  • No Neutral Territories
  • Two Neutral Territories
  • Four Neutral Territories
  • Six Neutral Territories

Dead Heat[]

Alters the victory condition based on how many players must cross the goal.

  • All Reach Goal
  • One Reaches Goal

Placement Gimmicks[]

Placement Gimmicks are custom structures that can provide additional help during versus matches. They can be purchased from Silver Hoshipon's Shop for 100 Star Shards each.

Head-on Placement Gimmicks are placed near the giant fort wall in the center. Dead Heat Placement Gimmicks are placed at a predefined spot. Missile Battle Placement Gimmicks are placed on your team's platform.


  • Flamethrower: "High-octane flamethrower incinerates foes with a blanket of flame."
  • Giant Saw: "This gigantic circular saw plows through enemies with its sharp teeth."
  • Turret: "Snipe foes from the safety of the rear of the fort with this stationary cannon."
  • Snoworb Cannon: "Fire snowballs to freeze enemies and slow their advance."

Dead Heat[]

  • Flamethrower and Fort: "Place flamethrower and fort as obstacles. Your army can pass by freely."
  • Giant Saw and Fort: "Place giant saw and fort as obstacles. Your army can pass by freely."
  • Snoworb Cannon and Fort: "Place snoworb cannon and fort as obstacles. Your army can pass by freely."
  • Turret and Fort: "Place turret and fort as obstacles. Your army can pass by freely."

Missile Battle[]

  • Wind-up Cart: "Amazing scientific wonder! This cart propels forward the same distance it is pulled back."
  • Chaka Chaka Interceptor: "Need extra protection? Defend to fire shells that intercept missiles!"
  • Iron Barricade: "Let this giant no-frills fortified wall defend your fort while you attack."


  • An additional, unused, game mode can be found within the files. Known as Hell Gate, it is incomplete and little is known about it, though some text and textures remain. An unused tip briefly describes the game mode:

~Multi VS: Hell Gate~

Compete to earn points by battling the monsters that gurgle up from Hell Gate!

Use panels on the ground to earn points more efficiently.

Some panels boost points, some alter abilities, and special roulette panels cause random effects.

If your castle is destroyed, both teams lose, but if you manage to destroy the Hell Gate, the game ends with a large point bonus!
  — Unused Tip for Hell Gate 
  • It can be speculated that the versus mode would involve two teams: one on each side of the arena with their own castle. In the middle would be an of object that would spawn enemies that would try to destroy either of the teams' castles.
    • There would also various panels that caused various effects:
      • PTS x 1.5
      • x2 PTS
      • x5 PTS
      • x10 PTS
      • DEF
      • ATTK+
      • Event!
      • x 20 PTS
      • Reverse
      • Swap all panels
      • Restore all HP
      • Double monsters
      • PTS x 5
      • Hellgate restored
      • Hero castle restored
      • Lightning strikes blue heroes!
      • Lightning strikes red heroes!
      • Restore panels
      • Hellgate destoryed!
      • Castle destroyed!
      • Roulette spin!
      • Blue army spins roulette!
      • Red army spins roulette!

Video (Head-on)[]


Patapon 3 - Capture the Flag

Example of Capture The Flag gameplay