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Beast of Korakan Desert



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Beast of Korakan Desert is a boss mission in Patapon 2. Having beaten back the initial Karmen presence in the Korakan Desert, the Patapons must face a familiar behemoth in the Korakan Hot Sands before they can continue their advance on their ancient foes. Prepare to face Zaknel!


See here for more info on defeating Zaknel.

Patapon veterans will probably know what's coming from the familiar background of the mission. Nonetheless, advance a little, and the monstrous sandworm Zaknel will surge through the earth to battle you.

Compared to what you've fought so far, Zaknel is nothing special. Use PonPata when it rears back for its body slam, DonDon when it leans on the ground to commence its earthquake attack, and either PonPata or DonDon when it curls up and readies its fire breath (although DonDon is the safer bet). You can even use the ChakaChaka song against the earthquake and fire breath, but it's better to evade them completely.

Initially, it can be tricky to distinguish the cues for the body slam and fire breath. It is easiest to tell when the Zaknel is going to body slam you. He will straigten his body and start gulping in air. When he is about to use fire breath, he will curl into an "S" shape and open and close his mouth.

Level 2

Melee warriors may have difficulty attacking Zaknel, as it likes to move away when they approach. A ranged army may be more efficient, but as usual, it runs the risk of missing out on the items dropped by the boss. A possible middle ground is a squad of Kibapons (who return to the main group after every attack), or Robopons constantly ordered to charge up before attacking (helpful for draining the worm's impressive HP).

Note that Zaknel can burrow underground to approach or retreat, so some of your attacks will likely hit thin air. A handy way to keep it still is to bring sleep-inducing effects; the boss is extremely vulnerable to sleep, so you can keep it from moving and run the chance of getting a rare vegetable while it sleeps.

Although it lacks any definite warning signals for its retreat, Zaknel tends to emerge right in front of your army before fleeing underground in short bursts. It usually backs away three or four times in this fashion, so it's easy to catch up. You may want to get as close as you can before resuming the attack, as Zaknel frequently uses its earthquake attack when re-engaged.

When defeated, Zaknel drops its egg, which allows you to fight it in the Patagate.

Next Level: Ekkora Oasis

Post-Mission DialogueEdit

Meden: Dear Lord, do you know of a miracle that will make Yumipons even more efficient? Arrows ride the tailwind and fly further. Maybe there's a secret to the sandstorms in the desert.

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Patapon 2- Boss "Zaknel"

Patapon 2- Boss "Zaknel"

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