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Black Hoshipon is a female demon-empowered Hoshipon character who first appears in Patapon 2 and makes a reappearance Patapon 3. She is the leader of the Akumapons (in Patapon 3, they are called the Dark Ones at Evilmass), and she leads them to deny the Patapons the view of Earthend. Her forces are not limited to Akumapons either; she also controls the demon Garuru and the mushroom creature Matango. She is allied with the Karmen tribe; the ancestral enemy of the Patapons. Her Akumapon Generals are the Dark One and Kuwagattan, both resurrected from their previous lives to serve her (Makoton, and Beetleton).


Details on Black Hoshipon's origin are nonexistent, although she seems to have some sort of relation to the other species of Hoshipon. It is possible that she was a "normal", Golden Hoshipon corrupted and empowered by the denizens of the Underworld, or that she is a demon herself, acting as the Underworld's analogue to the Hoshipons. Her alliance with the Karmen may imply a link to Dettankarmen or Ormen Karmen as well.
Black Hoshipon HD

Fanmade render of Black Hoshipon.

At some point, she claimed the souls of the Zigotons who were lost to their Queen's bargain with Gorl, reviving them as the unholy Akumapon warriors. Among the resurrected Zigotons were Scorpiton and Beetleton, converted into Dark One and Kuwagattan respectively. With her new army, Black Hoshipon set about securing the skies and the tundra, while also working to help the Karmen solidify their grip on the Patapons' birthlands.

In Patapon 3, it appears that she has come back from the Underworld, and summoned a boss called Balrog for revenge from the previous game. Golden Hoshipon is at your side giving out Ka-ching during the battle. Afterwards, she seems to retreat back to the Dark Hero Hideout. However, her Akumapon army appears in a few more missions afterwards.

Black Hosipon


  • She seems to be called a "He" in Patapon 3. And in Dark Hero Mode when you talk to her she says, I am Black Hoshipon, Bad "BOY" of the Underworld. It is unknown whether this is a typo or a request from the fans. Golden Hoshipon also refers to Black Hoshipon as a male.
  • In both Patapon 2 and 3 when Black Hoshipon is defeated she leaves without anymore mentions in the story.
  • In the Dark Hero Hideout she will be the star shards shop, where you can buy various multiplayer items.
  • Unlike Silver Hoshipon, she will not make a sound when you approach her in Dark Hero mode.
  • Black Hoshipon's origins are hinted when Meden talks about a Zigoton woman killed in the desert after you accomplish the mission Two Karmens. If that is true then it could actually mean that Black Hoshipon would be Aiton.
  • Black Hoshipon and Mecha Hoshipon don't drop Ka-ching.

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