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Level Info
Black Hoshipon Strikes Back.png
Enemies Bonedeth, Akumapon,Balrog,Salamander,Dark Heroes
Next Mission Slogturtle the Mobile Shelter
Previous Mission World's First Hoshipon Convention
Background Music Pipirichi's Theme

The lethargic Slogturtle has joined the legion of Dark Heroes, and together they are plotting a dire scheme to defeat (Uberhero's name) once and for all. They encounter a single black star, who proposes a fascinating offer.
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv22 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv22

This is the second mission at the Volcano Zone of the Lazy Demon, and the first mission where Slogturtle makes an appearance.


First, kill the Bonedeth and Lava Salamander. Move forward and you will see a Bonedeth Fortress and Slogturtle. Destroy the fortress, and Slogturtle will retreat. Continue forward, and you will see a second Bonedeth Fortress. Buzzcrave, Slogturtle, Sonarchy, and Ravenous will be waiting, along with a Lava Salamander, a Balrog and some Bonedeth troops. Fire resistant equipment is recommended. Defeat them and destroy the Bonedeth fortress to complete the mission.



Patapon 3 Walkthrough pt 38 Black Hoshipon Strikes Back

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