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Equipment Cannons, Howitzers/Blunderbusses, Lasers
Stamina Low
Weight 6.5
Acquisition Yumiyacha Level 12 & Alosson Level 12

Dealing devastation from afar, they support your troops from the rear. Vulnerable up close.
  — US In-game description. 

Cannogabang is a Gyaba Uberhero first introduced in Patapon 3. Carrying a firearm of massive proportions, Cannogabang unleashes devastating firepower from the backlines, tearing through crowds and terrain alike. With a cannon, he can demolish structures and forts with ease. Using a howitzer, he can scatter lethal shrapnel across the field to damage all enemies within range. Utilizing a laser, he can mow down entire armies with a single shot, piercing any and all defenses.


Cannogabang is at level 12 when unlocked, which is when Yumiyacha and Alosson both reach level 12.


Cannogabang initially sports a light blue mask in the form of a Gyaba Rarepon and wears a dark blue cape by default.

As Cannogabang evolves, his mask turns blue and his horns grow longer with a single curl, resembling a Gyabaan. Finally, it turns a deep indigo color and his horns gain another curl, resembling a Wagyanba.


Cannogabang can be equipped with:

  • Helms by default.
  • Cannons from unlocking.
  • Howitzers at level 14.
  • Lasers at level 18.

Uberhero Mode: Slinger[]

Execute powerful cannon attack.
Cannon: glowing shells.
Blunderbuss: piercing fire spray
Laser: ultra-ginormous laser.
  • Activate: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png ChakaIcon.png ChakaIcon.png, then PonIcon.png PonIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png

Uniquely, Cannogabang's Uberhero mode cannot be kept in a combo and will end immediately after it is activated. The only way to combo his Uberhero Mode is via Soragami's Sutra.

During Slinger, Cannogabang charges up to fire off a single powerful burst with his firearm. The effects of Slinger is dependent on Cannogabang's weapon.

Upon activation of any of these, Cannogabang will shout, "Buppanasso!" (ブッパナッソ).

Cannon Slinger[]


During Cannon Slinger, Cannogabang launches a giant glowing cannonball that causes incredible damage and tears through anything in it's path. The drawback is that the cannonball can often fly over smaller and shorter targets, making it ill-suited for close-range enemies.

Howitzer Slinger[]


During Howitzer Slinger, Cannogabang blasts 10-12 pieces of flaming shrapnel onto foes that pierces all enemies, dealing high damage across a wide range. It is arguably one of the most powerful Uberhero modes, especially when used at close range against a single target.

Laser Slinger[]


During Laser Slinger, Cannogabang briefly unleashes a searing laser beam that causes massive damage, hitting all enemies on the ground within a huge range. Cannogabang will also swing the laser up at the end, hitting all airborne enemies and taller enemies a second time.

Class Skills[]

As with all Class Skills, each skill requires 100,000 experience to master. The amount of experience gained is dependent on the skill.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement Training
Cannon Skillz.png
Cannon Skillz
Increases the attack power of cannons. Reach level 13 Firing any Cannon. (240 exp)
Scattershot Skillz.png
Scattershot Skillz
Increases the attack power of howitzer. Master "Cannon Skillz" Firing any Howitzer. (120 exp)
Laser Skillz.png
Laser Skillz
Increases the attack power of lasers. Master "Scattershot Skillz" Firing any Laser. (40 exp)
Artillery Skillz.png
Artillery Skillz
Increases the attack power of all types of artillery. Master "Laser Skillz" Firing any firearm. (20 exp)
Incendiary Skillz.png
Incendiary Skillz
Spots hit by shells and flack catch fire. ★Welcome bonus: attack power +50%. Master "Artillery Skillz" Creating fire patches on the ground with any firearm. (10 exp)

Set Skills[]

Cannogabang can equip up to four Set Skills. At level 20, he can equip another Set Skill, for a total of five.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement
Fire Resist Fire and flame damage is halved. Unlocked by default
Ice Resist Ice and cold damage is halved. Reach level 15
Poison Resist Poison damage is halved. Reach level 20
Monster Killer x1.5 damage bonus against demons, undead, shells, dragons, and giants. Reach level 25
Peerless Dragon (Uberhero only) Time required to revive Hero is 10 seconds, no matter how many deaths. Of course, dungeons nullify this effect. Reach level 32


  • When using Cannons, Cannogabang can inflict high damage to structures and enemies but may miss small targets. Cannons are best for demolition purposes.
  • When using Howitzers, Cannogabang can inflict very high damage. Howitzers are very effective against bosses, as the shrapnel spray is piercing and covers a wide range.
  • When using Lasers, Cannogabang can damage whole groups of enemies with high attack power and can also inflict massive critical damage. The downside is that, without powerful Lasers, it's quite useless. Lasers can also be ineffective if enemy has critical immunity. Lasers are best for cutting through large armies. Lasers are also piercing, being able to hit multiple structures and enemies with one laser attack.
  • Cannons slow down Cannogabang's movement speed by Fever and Attack. Howitzers don't slow down Cannogabang as much in movement speed compared to the Cannons. Lasers give the fastest movement speed and attack for this class.
  • Cannogabang is extremely vulnerable in melee combat. It is strongly recommended that at least one shield class escorts him.
  • Cannogabang cannot attack normally when not in Fever Mode. However, using a charge attack while outside Fever will function as normal.
  • Cannogabang can fire two shots per attack command at with an attack speed of 1.50, which can be achieved by equipping the Thief Jirokichi Helm, or equipping the Lullablight and Lightning Helm at the same time, but not whilst using a laser. He fires the laser in a different way, unlike the Howitzer's and Cannon's attack animations.
  • In VS play, Cannogabang's Slinger with a howitzer or laser is difficult hard to dodge. He is often used in VS for long range support and area denial, as long as he isn't vulnerable to enemy fire, such as Grenburr's Guillotine. Unlike other classes, Cannogabang can fool the enemy by delaying his charged Hero Mode, making it harder for enemies to dodge the powerful attacks.


Level Strength Stamina Defense
12 0 - 0 2726 0
13 0 - 0 3187 0
14 0 - 0 3686 0
15 0 - 0 4224 0
16 0 - 0 4800 0
17 0 - 0 5414 0
18 0 - 0 6067 0
19 0 - 0 6758 0
20 0 - 0 7488 0
21 0 - 0 8256 0
22 0 - 0 9062 0
23 0 - 0 9907 0
24 0 - 0 10790 0
25 0 - 0 11712 0
26 0 - 0 12672 0
27 0 - 0 13670 0
28 0 - 0 14707 0
29 0 - 0 12782 0
30 0 - 0 16896 0
31 0 - 0 18048 0
32 0 - 0 19238 0
33 0 - 0 20467 0
34 0 - 0 21734 0
35 0 - 0 23040 0
36 0 - 0 24384 0
37 0 - 0 25766 0
38 0 - 0 27187 0
39 0 - 0 28646 0
40 0 - 0 30144 0

For more statistics, go to the Patapon 3 Uberhero Statistics page.


  • When using the jump command, Cannogabang will fire a cannon ball to achieve propulsion, even if he is using a different type of weapon.
  • Naughtyfins and Cannogabang are the only Patapon 3 units that are based on mythical creatures (mermaid and dragon, respectively).
  • The cannon, blunderbuss, and laser are the largest weapons in the game, which only Cannogabang and Miss Covet-Hiss can use.
  • If Cannogabang activates Slinger and is then Staggered, Burnt, Slept, Frozen, or Tumbled, then, cured from the status effect, he can fire his Uberhero mode twice.
    • This is more easily achieved when Tumbled; however, outside of Versus gamemodes, it is harder to be reliably Tumbled.
  • Cannogabang is one of two classes (the other being Oohoroc) that requires a certain kind of weapon in order to develop class skills.
  • Even though Cannogabang has an Ice counterpart of the Howitzer weapons, he still shoots red-hot fiery shrapnel onto foes, unlike how Wooyari, with an Ice Pike or Poseipon's Trident, does an Ice Flamespin.
  • Cannogabang's weapon arsenal consists of 4 weapons for every type. (1 Upgradable Weapon, 1 Unique, 1 Super Unique, and 1 Ultimate.)
  • When Cannogabang uses the charge song, he moves forwards or backwards if the enemy is near, making him more vulnerable to enemy fire before standing still and firing his gun with the charge attack Hero Mode.
  • Cannogabang's Laser weapons are the only weapons in this arsenal that has the "Light" attack element, and not the actual main attack elements.


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