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Equipment Spears, Lances, Shields, Chariots
Stamina Medium
Weight 7
Acquisition Yarida Level 12, Cannassault Level 10, and Pyokorider Level 10

The fast-spinning wheels scatter the foe while hurled spears strike more distant targets.
  — US In-game description. 

Charibasa (チャリバッサ) is a Sabara Uberhero first introduced in Patapon 3. His power shines the most at mid-range combat, mowing enemies down with thrown spears and using his chariot's wheels to fend off closer enemies. Charibasa relies on critical hits to maximize his damage. Defensively, he must rely on inherited Class Skills from Yarida, Pyokorider, and Cannassault to maximize his strengths, meaning he will be weak if the other classes are not developed alongside him.


Charibasa initially sports a pale mint mask in the form of a Sabara Rarepon and wears an lavender cape by default.

As Charibasa evolves, his mask turns turquoise and his wings grow larger, resembling a Baasara. Finally, the mask becomes cyan and his wings grow even larger, resembling a Babassa.


Charibasa is at level 12 when unlocked, which is when Yarida reaches level 12, and Cannassault and Pyokorider reach level 10.


Charibasa can be equipped with:

  • Helms by default.
  • Spears and Chariots by default.
  • Shields at level 14.
  • Halberds at level 18.

Uberhero Mode: Shwoop-fling[]

"Attack near and far simultaneously. Throw spears to pierce far-away foes, and spin wheels to toss those nearby."
  • Activate: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png
  • Combo: PonIcon.png PonIcon.png PataIcon.png PonIcon.png

During Shwoop-fling, Charibasa launches his spear forward, similar to Yarida's Fear Spear. However, Charibasa's spears have a greater horizontal range, pierce enemies and terrain, and explode on contact with the ground instead of targets. Visually, the spears and the explosions are golden, compared to Yarida's teal colors. When the spears are thrown, Charibasa also revs his chariot wheels quickly, knocking back enemies that might be too close for the spears to hit.

Upon activation, Charibasa will shout, "Zakkurabaran!" (ザックラバラン), in reference to the Sabara rarepon.

Class Skills[]

As with all Class Skills, each skill requires 100,000 experience to master. The amount of experience gained is dependent on the skill.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement Training
Pyokora Spirit.png
Pyokora Spirit
Grants Pyokorider's Giddy Up (if learned). Reach level 14 Executing march commands. (300 exp)
Yaripon Spirit.png
Yaripon Spirit
Grants Yarida's Two Spears (if learned). Master "Pyokora Spirit" Throwing spears, either attacking or defending. (150 exp)
Chariot Attack.png
Chariot Attack
Boosts power of wheel attacks. Master "Yaripon Spirit" Damaging enemies with the chariot wheel. (200 exp)
Kanokyon Spirit.png
Kanokyon Spirit
Grants Cannassault's Backbone (if learned). ★Welcome bonus: critical rate +50%. Master "Chariot Attack" Enduring a status attack while attacking, defending, or partying during Fever. (10 exp)

Inherited Class Skills[]

Skill Progenitor Description
Two Spears.png
Two Spears
Yarida Throw two spears at once with charge attack or during Fever.
Three Spears.png
Three Spears
Yarida Throw 3 spears. Superior skill to Two Spears.
Four Spears.png
Four Spears
Yarida Throw 4 spears. Superior skill to Three Spears.
Five Spears.png
Five Spears
Yarida Throw 5 spears. Superior skill to Four Spears.
Giddy Up 1.png
Giddy Up 1
Pyokorider 2-level boost when riding vehicle/steed.
Giddy Up 2.png
Giddy Up 2
Pyokorider 4-level boost when riding vehicle/steed. Superior skill to Giddy Up 1.
Giddy Up 3.png
Giddy Up 3
Pyokorider 6-level boost when riding vehicle/steed. Superior skill to Giddy Up 2.
Giddy Up 4.png
Giddy Up 4
Pyokorider 8-level boost when riding vehicle/steed. Superior skill to Giddy Up 3.
Backbone 1.png
Backbone 1
Cannassault Immune to knockback while attacking.
Backbone 2.png
Backbone 2
Cannassault Immune to stagger while attacking.
Backbone 3.png
Backbone 3
Cannassault Immune to freeze while attacking.
Backbone 4.png
Backbone 4
Cannassault Immune to fire while attacking.
Energy Field 10%.png
Energy Field 10%
(Uberhero only)
Skilled use of shield reduces melee damage by 10%!
Energy Field 20%.png
Energy Field 20%
(Uberhero only)
Adept use of shield reduces melee damage by 20%! Slight boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 10.
Energy Field 30%.png
Energy Field 30%
(Uberhero only)
Masterful use of shield reduces melee damage by 30%! Boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 20.
Energy Field 40%.png
Energy Field 40%
(Uberhero only)
Astounding use of shield reduces melee damage by 40%! Large boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior skill to Energy Field 30.
Energy Field 50%.png
Energy Field 50%
(Uberhero only)
Ultimate shield-bearing Patapon! Reduces melee damage by 50%! Huge boost to Uberhero Skill Energy Field. Superior to Energy Field 40.

Set Skills[]

Charibasa can equip up to two Set Skills. At level 20, he can equip another Set Skill, for a total of three.

Skill Description Unlock Requirement
Team Aid 1 Support effects for entire team are boosted. Reach level 15
Team Aid 2 Support effects for entire team are greatly boosted. Reach level 18
Critical + Increases chances of a critical hit by 1.5 times. Reach level 25
Peerless Bird (Uberhero only) Damage dealt by a critical hit is doubled. Reach level 32



The Status effects. Charge, Charge Attack, then Charge Defence.

When using certain charged commands, Charibasa has the ability to support his allies:

  • Perfect Charge: Boosts defense and reduces the probability of being affected by a status effect of all allies, including Hatapon. The symbol for this is a halo over all affected units.
  • Perfect Charged Attack: Boosts the attack stats of allies. Using Team aid 1 or 2 will improve this further. The symbol for this effect is an arrow. As an Uberhero, the perfect Attack song will override his Uberhero Mode for that attack only.
  • Charged and Perfect defense: Restores 2% of max health of all allies and himself, including Hatapon. This also prevents critical hit from being taken. The symbol for this effect is a pair of angel wings.


Charibasa Tips.png

  • As Charibasa is reliant on critical hits, a Critical Spear and/or a Critical Chariot is recommended.
  • Charibasa's attacks may fly over enemies that are too close. Consider staying at a long distance to optimize his attack range.
  • Charibasa inherits the most Class Skills out of all the classes, but has only one unique Class Skill, meaning the progenitor classes he inherits from must be developed in order for Charibasa to become powerful.
  • As his Charge Attack is greatly boosting the team's attack power, coordinating this with other Uberheroes, like Grenburr can inflict huge amounts of damage.
  • With Backbone 1-4, he is nearly invulnerable to status effects while attacking, which allows him to focus his equipment on pure strength and critical chance.


Level Stamina Defence
12 3749 0
13 4382 0
14 5069 0
15 5808 0
16 6600 0
17 7445 0
18 8243 0
19 9293 0
20 10296 0
21 11352 0
22 12461 0
23 13622 0
24 14837 0
25 16104 0
26 17424 0
27 18797 0
28 20222 0
29 21701 0
30 23232 0
31 24816 0
32 26453 0
33 28142 0
34 29885 0
35 31680 0
36 33528 0
37 35429 0
38 37382 0
39 39389 0
40 41448 0

For more statistics, go to the Patapon 3 Uberhero Statistics page.


  • Charibasa along with Cannassault, Grenburr and Cannogabang are brand new units, however their units haven't been named yet.
  • Charibasa is the only class that requires a certain level to equip a shield.
  • Even though he attacks by spinning his chariot wheels, it is not likely to actually hit anything due to the fact that he backs up to attack. Also, despite the fact that Cannassault is also a Charioteer who uses his chariot wheel to attack less frivolously than Charibasa, he does not inherit the Chariot attack skill from him.
  • Charibasa's name is a portmanteau of the words "Chariot" and "Babassa."
  • Charibasa is the Uberhero that inherits the most Class Skills, that being 17.
  • Charibasa is the only Yarida-based class that can provide health recovery.
  • Charibasa is the main Uberhero shown in the Patapon 3 intro and some trailers. However in those videos you cannot see him with a chariot, which he always uses in-game.
  • Also, in the mural in the Hideout depicting the four Patapon champions, just right of the Team Totem, you can see a picture of Uberhero, in the form of Charibassa.
  • Charibasa and Wooyari are the only Spear classes in the game to gain a welcome bonus for leveling up all the Class Skills.
  • As an Uberhero, Charibasa does not have a 'Tatepon Spirit' Class Skill and will instead inherit Taterazay's Class Skills directly. This is likely because Charibasa is capable of equipping a shield, and will inherit it regardless.
  • During online play against Dark Heroes, the opponents will only take damage from a single spear, as from the viewpoint of the Dark Heroes, they will only see one spear instead of six. A similar glitch happens with Piekron's Spear-BOOM Class Skills.


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