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Meden Kidnapped

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Awakening at Gaeen

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Pipirichi's Theme


"What secret is hidden in the ancient ruins indicated by the black star? We may never know, since the giant claw marks confirm the rumours that a merciless, bloodthirsty guardian protects it."

This mission is unlocked by getting the Black Star from Hoshipon in Search for a Lucky Star when its not raining.


You'll fight Cioking here. It has two types of claw attacks and a bubble attack. Its first claw attack comes when it
raises its claws, snapping them at different rates, and smashes one down, hitting a wide range of Patapons-including Hatapon. Dodging is the best choice, since Hatapon can go down in 1 hit from this. The second claw attack is when it leans forward and grabs a Patapon. Then he'll throw him away, and you never get his cap back (although this will change in the next game). The bubble attack is signaled by its claws snapping in sync-can put units to sleep, so be aware of that as well.


When you defeat Cioking for the first time, you get the Earthquake Miracle. When you cast the Earthquake Miracle, Zigotons will fall down. This can be very useful in tough fights, because they won't be able to attack you while you fire away whatever you have.

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