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Level Info
Covet-hiss Loves Cannons.png
Enemies Dark Heroes,Bonedeth
Next Mission Dark Heroes' Last Stand,
Previous Mission Ravenous: Duel of Fate
Background Music Gyorocchi Rock

"The envious Dark Hero Covet-hiss has corralled the troops, and Sonarchy and his shady mates are ready to slam (Uberhero's name)! Covet-hiss, with a wry smile, orders them: "Bring me (Uberhero's name)'s head on a platter!"
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv26 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv26

This is the second mission at the Savannah of Envious Eyes, and the first mission where the Dark Hero Covet-hiss appears. Although there are no boss structures (like the Sokshi Gate), this mission has similarities to the Parabola of Hope mission in Patapon 2, with the aid of the Zigoton generals. The Zigotons use an enchanted Ziggertank that has Ice properties.



Patapon 3 - Mission 29 Covet-hiss Loves Cannons