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Level Info
Enemies Zigotons
Next Level Gong the Hawkeye (Mission)
Previous Level Zigotons Strike Back
Background Music Ushishi's Theme

"At the end of the Earth, gaze upon IT and be granted true happiness." The Patapons must topple the fort to confirm their cherished legend!

Crack the ziggoton fort.jpg

This is a pretty straightforward mission. There are forts and towers, just destroy them and advance. This mission sees the introduction to the bow-wielding units, Yumipons. The first part is just killing the Zigotons. You'll come across Don the Yumipon. Yumipons really shine in Fever mode, firing 3 consecutive arrows. Don is equipped with a fire inducing bow, so enemies hit by it catch on fire and get damaged until it's put out. You'll come across a tombstone, destroy it to get the ChakaChaka Song, but you won't be able to use it until you gain the Chaka Drum on the mission Ancestral Guardian. At the end of the mission, same deal with Ban the Tatepon (they pass on and leave loads of Ka-ching, their memories and an item; Don leaves a steel bow). Destroy the last house to get the Hard Iron and finish the mission.


Let's Play Patapon - Mission 5 - Crack the Zigoton Fort!

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