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Level Info

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Huntable Animals

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Zigotons Attack

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Desert Crossing

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Acchichichi's Theme


"Dozens of species make their home in the unbearably hot Deplorable Desert, a place where rainfall is a rare blessing".


In this hunting mission, your main objective should probably be killing the Gancheek.

To make him appear, you must make it rain. After you've killed it, it will drop the Zakpon Cap. Another secret is that sometimes Momoti appear, kill them to get Succelent Meat (Dream Meat). Finally, near the middle of the level, make it rain, and a huge plant will grow out of the ground.

It was once thought that this plant drops Ka-ching equivalent to your advancement in the game. However, it was recently discovered that this plant drops Ka-ching until it is 'killed' by sustaining a fixed amount of damage. This can best be exploited by using newly-created Megapons, which hardly deal any damage. If you haven't made it far enough to create Megapons yet, newly-created Yumipons also work well. Just position yourself directly under the plant, and continue attacking (basic attacks only for Megapons, as their Fever attacks are much stronger and fire-based). In this way, one can average 1500 to 3000 Ka-ching per hunt, making this the most profitable method of obtaining currency in the game.



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