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Warning: This page contains spoilers that can spoil your experience for the Patapon games.


Ragewolf seen in the Dark Hero Hideout

The Dark Hero Hideout is the Hideout of the Dark Heroes in Patapon 3. While it may seem exactly the same to the Uberhero Hideout, it has small differences, two of which are that the Dark Hero Hideout has no Obelisk and all the buildings are in reverse order.

Battle Gate[]

The Battle Gate

The Battle Gate of the Dark Heroes, where they deploy for VS Battles with the Uberheros. At least 2 Dark Heroes and 2 Uberheroes are needed for battle. Similarily with the Uberhero Battle Gate you can choose between seven different arenas, and the three VS modes, Head on, Missile Battle and Race.


The Barracks

The Barracks of the Dark Heroes. It has the same function as the Uberhero Barracks. You can:

  • Change equipment, like armour and weapons
  • Change class to any of the seven Dark heroes
  • Look at stats, same as in Uberhero mode you can look at attack power (strength), health points (stamina) and other statistics.

Team Totem[]

Team Totem

The Team Totem of the Dark Heroes. Like the barracks, the Uberhero Totem and the Dark Hero Totem have the same function. You can view other players in the Hideout, create a team and invite other players to your team. And change quips, block other players, view your team points and so on.



The Armory of the Dark Heroes. Like the 2 mentioned above, the Uberhero and the Dark Hero Armory have no difference in function.

You can dismantle materials, weapons and armour for Ka-ching and materials.



The Blacksmith of the Dark Heroes. This, too, has the same function with its Uberhero counterpart. When you first enter the Dark Hero Hideout the blacksmith is Lv1 with no arch item. When you upgrade a item between +10 and +20 then the blacksmith will be upgraded to Lv2. When you upgrade a item between +20 and +30, then the blacksmith will be upgraded to Lv3. The highest level, Lv4 blacksmith is when you upgrade a item between +30 and +40.

Black Hoshipon Store[]

Black Hoshipon 3.png

The Black Hoshipon Store of the Dark Heroes. It replaces the Silver Hoshipon Store. The only difference is that Black Hoshipon Store doesn't sell In-Game themes, but still sells team cards, team logos and gimmicks (these can be used in VS battles and are no different to the gimmicks which Uberheros can also unlock).

Mecha Hoshipon Store[]

Mecha Hoshipon 2.png

The Mecha Hoshipon Store of the Dark Heroes. It replaces the Meden Mart. The only major difference is that Claws & Scythes are now available at store. (Mecha Hoshipon Store also sells weapons for Dark Heroes that they cannot even use which are Swords, Blades, Daggers, Shivs, Greatblades, Bows, Long Bows, Cross Bows, Staffs, Scepters, Shields, Shoulderguards, Sandals & Chariots)