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Level Info
Enemy Shooshookle
Next Level Final Showdown!
Previous Level Kharma's Pet
Background Music Pipirichi's Theme

Dark Palace Guardian is the final "ancient boss" mission in Patapon. It is unlocked by defeating Kharma's final guardian and acquiring the ancient Dark Palace Model from Shookle.



In this level, you will meet Shooshookle, a stronger, blue version of Shookle. For attack patterns see: Patapon 1 Enemies and Bosses, or check out Shooshookle's own page.

The most important difference between this fight and the battle with Shookle, apart from the obvious power increase, is that Shooshookle never leaves caps behind when it devours Patapons.

Because of this, stopping her Triple Devour attack is even more important than dealing with Shookle's version of the move. Equipping fire weapons will help break the vines, but be careful when you stagger it, which can make your Patapons fall asleep, becoming vulnerable to Shooshookle's attacks.

Shooshookle will retreat 3 times after a considerable amount of damage is dealt, before the first retreat she only uses the sleeping gas followed by stomp, which is fatal. After the first retreat she uses sleeping gas followed by either stomp or triple devour.

When Shooshookle falls, you will get the Storm Miracle.



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