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Level Info
Enemies Zigotons, Huntable Animals
Next Level Creatures of the Sand
Previous Level Miracle of Lostdon
Background Music Acchichichi's Theme

Desert Crossing is technically the eighth mission in Patapon, but to complete it, the player needs to travel across several levels, at which point, it becomes more like the ninth.


Meden wants you to explore the searing waves of the Deplorable Desert, but the Patapons will encounter problems when they do not have the Rain Miracle and the DonDon Drum. This mission is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Get the Bent Compass: Go to the hunting fields of the Patata Plain. You will see a Wep. Press Chaka Pon Chaka Pon (Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle) to raise the Wep as shown in the totem pole. You will need to raise the totem 4 times. After doing, the totem will burp out the Bent Compass. After you get the Bent Compass, finish the stage as normal to unlock a new area.
  2. Get the DonDon Drum and the Rain Miracle: Destroy the mysterious stone to get the Don Drum (Used by pressing the X button). If you march further, you'll meet Majidonga. His attacks are the same as Dodonga, only stronger, and he won't leave a cap when a Patapon is swallowed. Once you defeat Majidonga, you'll get the Rain Miracle, your ticket across the desert.
  3. Cross the Desert: The first part of the desert is practicing the Rain Juju. Build up Fever first, and then press X-XX-XX to execute the Rain Juju. Follow the pattern in the song. If you get more than 75%, you'll finally have rain. March forward to see a feeble Zigoton resistance in the form of a wooden tower. Kill the lone Yariton, named Aiton. (The other one, Makoton, will run away to fight in other levels). After destroying the tower, advance. You may attack any of the animals, but try to kill the Gancheek, the purple snail, in order to get the Zakpon Cap. Eventually, you'll see Talking Sign, beyond which lie several skeletons and glowing red sand. You'll need the Rain Juju from now on. Press X-XX-XX to execute the Rain Juju. You'll need to do this 2 to 4 times, depending on how skilled you are at the execution and movement in general, so keep Fever up if you can. If you reach a rock pile blocking your path, destroy it. At the last part, destroy the prize tent and pat yourself on the back for completing one of the hardest levels in the game.