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Map 23



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Convoy Escort

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Pipirichi's Theme

Walkthrough Edit

The Patapons have discovered a Zigoton Castle in Mt. Bachikoi. However, it is a deadly trap. The first part is at a average scale of difficulty. You'll come up in some Zigotons in about 3 towers. Destroy the 3 towers. The next part is many times harder than before. You will get killed (It is very hard to win this mission but it is possible, if you win without the catapult, Meden will say she can't believe that Castle gate was toppled. You are meant to lose this mission (it's all part of the story). You'll come up against professional Yaritons, Tatetons, and Yumitons.

Basically, the castle has large spikes protruding from it's front that almost always one hit KOs any melee unit that gets too close, a large spiked plank that it also drops on melee units getting too close, and a large rock throwing device that dishes out a massive amount of damage to anything it hits. Not to mention the miniature army of archers standing up in the castle.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only mission in Patapon 1 that you are supposed to lose, until you get the catapult.
  • There is a similar mission like this in Patapon 2, only there are Karmens instead of Zigotons, and the gate is stronger.
  • This fortress makes a third appearance in Patapon 3 DLC quest (Meanwhile...) Depths of Despair, but the catapult does very little damage.
    Patapon Despair No Cannon No Cheats--100% Legit

    Patapon Despair No Cannon No Cheats--100% Legit

Let's Play Patapon 16

Let's Play Patapon 16

Bonus Despair Beaten, no catapult-0

Bonus Despair Beaten, no catapult-0


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