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Don the Yumipon

Fan-made render for Don the Yumipon.


Don The Yumipon is a recurring character in the Patapon Series. As his name suggests he is a Yumipon. He wields a "Bow of the Late Yumipon" and wears an "Ancient Helm." Don will come to your aid on the mission Crack the Zigoton Fort! (Patapon 1) and Karmen Usso Forest Fortress (Patapon 2). He did not appear in Patapon 3, but was mentioned twice: once by Silver Hoshipon while reviving Kan, and the second time when talking about the Four Patapon Champions.

Don the Yumipon appearing to help out

These missions feel like a breeze with Don the Yumipon on your side. He can deal very high damage with high speed attack, and set fire to many buildings at once. Like Ban the Tatepon, when the coast is clear Don will turn into a spirit butterfly, but he leaves some nice surprises! He drops the Yumipon memory equipment for Yumipons and material to make them.


  • He 'passes on' in Patapon 1, but he comes back to do the same thing in Patapon 2.
  • In Japanese culture, a butterfly is a person's soul whether the person is living, dying, or already dead. This explains Don the Yumipon and Ban the Tatepon turning into Butterflies at the end of the mission.
  • Don the Yumipon is one of the Four Patapon Champions. The other three being Ban the Tatepon, Gan the Yaripon and your Uberhero.
  • If Don the Yumipon dies, then it is an immediate mission failure. The same goes for Ban the Tatepon.
  • He and Ban leave caps behind when they die by enemy fire, but not by "passing on."
  • In Patapon 2, if you have three classes (not including Hero), Don will say there is no room for him and he will pass on.