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Nanjaro Hills

Before the mission, Meden says "Great Kami.. please don't forget Mater Sprout. We need it to succeed!"

Defenders of the Mater SproutEdit

"The Lifeseed is hidden somewhere in the ancient ruins." Defeat the Dodonga at the Dongara Ruins to obtain the Mater Sprout and resurrect Mater the Tree of Life!
  — Level Description 
The level is a fight with Dodonga. Winning this battle will earn you the Mater Sprout.

Dodonga at Dongara Ruins Lv. 2+ Edit

The first Dodonga you fought was injured by a stone Hero threw. You might have thought him weak, but he's back a second time for a real fight. Defeat the Dodonga to find more precious metals!
  — Level Description 

Invincible Majidonga in the FogEdit

Tremble before the might of the true guardian! Even the Great Patapon will find this a test of his excellent strength. Defeat the Great Dragon to obtain the highest quality metal!
  — Level Description 

This level only appears in the fog. It's a fight versus Majidonga. The first time you defeat it, you get the Mysterious Egg for Majidonga.

Invincible Dragon Majidonga Lv. 2+Edit

The fearsome beast has returned and you must once again prove your bravery in battle! A victory will award you with the finest metal known to Patapons. Lose, and Meden will have to collect your ashes!
  — Level Description 

This is a repeatable fight with Majidonga (Note: You can only fight it when it makes an appearance. Otherwise you will fight Dodonga or Kacchindonga.)

The Great DinosaurEdit

A rare mission in which you will fight Kacchindonga. It will drop a battle egg for fighting it at the Patagate/Paraget.

Ice-Breathing Kacchindonga Lv. 2+Edit

A repeatable fight with Kacchindonga. It drops Metal, Giant, Heaven, and Ancient equipment. Note: You can only fight against it when the weather is snowy. If it is not, it will be a Dodonga (unless foggy, in which case it will be a Majidonga).  


The first time you battle Dodonga, you will only have Yaripons and the newly aquired Hero Patapon. Hopefully you will have some stronger equipment too. Optimize your Hero Patapon before your normal Yaripons so as to make him as strong as possible.

Defeating Dodonga will be difficult with only four Patapons. When Dodonga winds up, be sure to use the ChakaChaka song. Dodonga has three wind up patterns that you can find information about in the Dodonga article.

At the end of the mission, Dodonga will die, and drop the Mater Sprout. Bring it back to Patapolis and the Tree of Life will be restored. You can now evolve your Patapons and create Tatepons.

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