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Door of Promise



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Battle! Bachikoi Fort

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A World of Ooze

Background Music

Ushishi's Theme

Door of Promise is a mission in Patapon. After obtaining the catapult in the swamp, you are now ready to try again at destroying the castle.

Walkthrough Edit

The Patapons have now captured the Zigoton catapult. For this mission, just refer it to the mission Despair, but add the fact that your new catapult can annihilate any tower or fortress in your way. Simply hold off the Zigoton forces, stay away from the main castles traps, and let the catapult reduce it to rubble. Be careful not to let the Yaritons or Yumitons hit it too much or it may break down the catapult you can't use it any more. It is recommended that you bring the tailwind miracle to help reduce enemy damage.

The trick is to stand just past the part where the background changes and spam Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon. Your Tatepons (we hope you have some) will advance and hold back the enemy Yumipons and Yaripons so damage to your catapult is lessened. Make sure that the enemy units don't kill your Tatepons by moving them too close to the castle. Yaripons and Yumipons can help repel the enemy troops and also dish out extra damage to the castle.

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