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Level Info
Duel with Ravenous in Tahi-Tahi Forest.png
Enemies Dark Heroes (Ragewolf, Naughtyfins, Sonarchy and Ravenous), Cyclops, Treants
Next Missions A Greedy Raven Spies Three Outposts, Bonedeth Brigade in Tahi-Tahi Forest (Optional)
Previous Missions Man-eating Shark of Nuchara Swamp
Background Music Oreoreore's Theme

Ravenous loves anything shiny and rare, and so he quickly snatched up Mecha Hoshipon, a complex creation of the ancients, and locked him in the basement of the Estate of Earnestness. Battle the four Dark Heroes for control of their Rare Items!
  — Mission Description 

Suggested: Lv14 / Reward: Iron Chest Lv14

This is the second mission at the Greedy Mask Jungle, and the first mission where Ravenous appears.

This level may be very difficult without fire weapons when facing against Treants, so bring some. Bringing poison weapons is recommended, too.


First, you'll need to kill a Treant in the rain, and break a large wall near it. Another Treant appears past here, but Naughtyfins will tell you about how to beat it and she will give you a Potion. After beating it, destroy the next Large Wall. Yet another Treant and wall are ahead, but past that is a Karmen Tower sheltering Madfang Ragewolf, Naughtyfins, Standoffish Sonarchy, and RottenLee Ravenous. Defeat them and they'll retreat. A Mutant Cyclops and another Treant is just a few feet away. Kill them, grab an Iron Chest, and reach the goal at the finish line.