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Zigotons Strike Back

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Hunting on Patata Plain

For as long as any Patapon can remember, they have been trapped in an isolated region surrounded by an endless stone wall patrolled by Zigotons.
  — Mission description 


In this mission you fight against Zigotons (which have a red eye and a rounded square body shape), who were the enemies that you first encountered during the Prologue. When your Hatapon gets killed, you'll lose the mission, so guard him the best you can. On the left side of this area is a stone wall, while at the right side is an army of Yaritons, but they run away to report General Gong. Ban the Tatepon (shield-wielding Patapon) joins you after you break down the stone wall. He is very powerful, and on average, does two hundred damage per hit. Later on in this mission, three more stone walls appear, after destroying the second wall, an army of Tatetons and Yaritons attack your army, and then more stone walls appear again with a huge army of Zigotons. Later in the stage, there's a headstone, destroy it to get the Pakapon cap. When you reach the end, Ban leaves you Tatepon's Memory and a steel shield. He then passes away. Destroy the house to find an iron spear.

Back to Patapolis, now you have access to Mater, The Tree of Life. You can revive your fallen Patapons if you pick up their Cap (looks like a giant iron helm), and create new Patapons. It will cost you some Ka-Ching, and combination of two items. You can also create Rarepons.

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 3 - Escape from Exile

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 3 - Escape from Exile

Thanks to TehNevs for letting me post this...

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