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Facing GateGhoul Baban is a mission in Patapon. Detailing the continuing advance of the Patapons into Zigoton territory, the player will find their army confronted by the results of Kharma's desperation to defeat them- Zigoton soldiers empowered by demonic forces in exchange for their souls!


At first, you'll be attacked by Yaritons wearing helms similar to the one worn by Makoton in Gong Vows to Fight. Defeat them and continue on to meet Makoton himself, having sold his soul to become the demon general Scorpiton. His attack can put Patapons to sleep, which is
Let's Play Patapon - Mission 26 - Facing Gate Ghoul Baban

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 26 - Facing Gate Ghoul Baban

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irritating, but by no means deadly.As you beat on Scorpiton, a large, door-like creature will slowly approach-Baban, the very demon who took Makoton's soul. Said Scorpiton will have a discussion with the gate, during which time you should try to get hits in on the latter.Eventually, Baban will begin attacking, shooting eyeball-missiles at your Patapons. These shots deal minor damage, but knock their victims back, and their high rate of ignition can deal with many units at once. Combined with Scorpiton's continued sleep-inducing assault, it's actually fairly threatening.There are a few ways to keep your army alive. Tatepons in Fever Mode can defend with the Chaka Chaka song and deflect most of Baban's damage, or the Earthquake Miracle can prevent Baban and Scorpiton from attacking for a brief period. Mogyoon and Barsala Rarepons are extremely useful here, as Baban can decimate lesser Rarepons fairly quickly. Also, Megapons are excellent at wearing down the gate, thanks to their large, piercing attacks in Fever (especially if they're Mogyoons or well-equipped).As Baban weakens, its body will crack and the green light in its "mouth" will fade to brown. This doesn't particularly change the battle, but the rate of fire for the eyeball missiles goes up very slightly, but keep using whatever works. If it gets too hairy, feel free to quit, upgrade, and try again. Any knockback-resistance is useful, but damage output and piercing weapons should be your main concern.When Baban finally falls (dropping a random piece of equipment in the process), you've essentially won. Scorpiton will be more or less helpless against a full force of Patapons, even if you sustained losses against Baban. Just attack full-force and put an end to his hatred. Like Spiderton, the former Makoton will drop his helm upon defeat.