Fah Zakpon is a farmer that takes care of Pop Bean. You can retrieve the Zakpon Cap when you defeat the Gancheek in the mission Creatures of the Sand for the first time. It costs one Banal Branch for this game. Rewards for playing this game include vegetables.

In Patapon 2, you unlock him by beating Centura 3 times. This game will cost Ka-ching. If you take care of Pop Bean well enough, she will give you some level 1 - 4 vegetables, but you must catch them for it to count, or else they become useless, so watch carefully your time.

The trick to getting the vegetables is to listen on how Pop Bean throws it. When she throws three vegetables one after the other, you have to press the O button three times, but you have to watch your timing, or else you will not get vegetable.


  • Fah Zakpon's minigame is considered to be one of the hardest minigames, mainly because of the last section where you have to catch your reward. Even if you did the minigame perfectly, you can still miss the reward.
  • Fah Zakpon's minigame only gives you up to three vegetables if you get perfect timing. Zaknel and Dokaknel are other alternatives of getting vegetables.