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Fever Worm

Fever Mode is one of the base concepts of the Patapon series. When in Fever Mode, the Combo Worm will become a red colour, now becoming a Fever Worm. In Patapon 3, it has a spikier appearance.

Fever Mode increases the abilities of the Patapon army. Being in Fever Mode is required to activate a Miracle in Patapon 1 and 2 and activate a Djinn in Patapon 3. It is also required to enter Hero Mode in Patapon 2 or Uberhero Mode in Patapon 3.

In Patapon 3, when it is possible to Summon a Djinn, the Fever Worm will gradually fill up with a golden colour, and eventually will shine gold to indicate that you can now Summon a Djinn.


Fever Worm not yet in Fever Mode

Fever Mode can be activated by drumming perfectly on the 3rd all the way up to the 9th measure or combo of a sequence. It is automatically activated by drumming a tenth measure.

The Fever Bar in Patapon 1

When Fever is activated, the Patapon army yells "FEVER!" in unison. In Patapon 1 and 2, they shout during the 3rd beat of the next measure, while in Patapon 3, they shout FEVER immediately when transitioning into Fever Mode. The worm will continuously bounce until you break out of fever.

Breaking Out of Fever Mode[]

Breaking out of Fever Mode happens when you lose the beat or misinput, either by accident or on purpose. Activating a Miracle or Djinn will also cause you to break out of Fever Mode.

It is possible to break out of Fever Mode by successfully performing a combo command but with very poor timing. If you start to lose the beat, a warning 'skull and crossbones' sign will appear (Patapon 2 and Patapon 3 only), and make 3 beeps.

If you are having trouble keeping the beat, you can tap your toe to the rhythm, rock your head, or connect a headset to your PSP system to reduce latency.

Breaking out of Fever Mode is not recommended unless you are playing certain levels or need to input a new command immediately, defined as "Cancel Command."

Hero and Uberhero Mode[]

A fully charged Fever Worm in Patapon 3

Hero Mode[]

Hero Mode is activated while in Fever mode, by drumming any command perfectly (Except The PataPata song and Miracles). You can remain in Hero Mode by consistently performing perfect commands (the March of Mobility will not count.) Even if you lose Hero Mode, you will remain in Fever. A Hero in Hero Mode is not affected by new commands until Hero Mode ends.

Uberhero Mode[]

In Patapon 3, the Hero transforms into an Uberhero and performs Uberhero Mode. Uberhero Mode is very similar to Hero Mode. You can activate Uberhero Mode by drumming the required activation command. The ability activated in Uberhero Mode varies depending on the current class of the Uberhero. To remain in Uberhero Mode, one must maintain their class' appropriate combo command (if applicable).

You are given leniency with both Hero modes in both games, with Hero Mode staying activated even if you're offbeat for the command directly after, and Uberhero Mode allowing you to have poor timing for two measures before ending. Note that Hero Mode's leniency only applies to the measure immediately after activation, and doesn't work with subsequent measures.

An Uberhero entering hero mode.

Miracles and Djinns[]

To activate a Miracle, simply enter Fever Mode and drum DON-DONDON-DONDON. This applies to Patapon and Patapon 2.

Djinns are only in Patapon 3. To activate a Djinn, you need to be in Fever mode, and then fill your Fever Worm with Djinn energy by hitting a beat and inputting commands. The Fever Worm indicates how long you have to drum until you can Summon the Djinn.

Once your fever worm is full, you may summon a Djinn, but only while it's full. This is easiest to tell when the worm appears spiky, and the Djinn summon scrolls begin to flash. The fastest way to fill it is to use Uberhero mode, or the Party command.

Army Boosts[]

The primary function of Fever Mode is that it makes your Patapons perform with more enthusiasm. Heroes and Uberheroes may enter their Hero/Uberhero Modes, and pons perform their specializations better. These change from game to game, but the general list includes, but is not limited to:


  • Hold up their shields while marching, improving their defense.
  • Strong defense while defending.


  • Will jump before throwing their spears.
  • May throw twice depending on circumstances.


  • Will fire more arrows.
  • Will fire them for longer.
  • Can sometimes fire twice, depending on the circumstances.


  • Will attack and retreat in the same attack command, vastly improving their survivability


  • Attacks with a bigger note that pierces enemies.


  • The Fever Worm's appearance has changed at least somewhat in all three games.
  • The Combo Worm bounces depending on how well you're drumming, with little bounces when early in rhythm and head-rocking (Patapon 2 & 3) with good rhythm. Additionally, the Combo Worm increases in width.
  • In Patapon 2 & 3, the word "Fever" follows the beat, (half second intervals) which can help you if you are not getting consistent perfect measures during Fever Mode. Additionally, when out of fever mode, the Combo Worm will instead bounce to the beat.
  • In Patapon 3, the "Fever" shout overrides the response you'd normally get when drumming commands.
  • In Patapon 1, the combo number bounces when it's possible to enter Fever Mode.
  • In Patapon 3, you're given the option to enable "Cancel Command," which causes you to lose fever if performed. This option isn't present in Patapon 1 & 2, and is on permanently in those games.
  • Kibapon is often considered the class that suffers the worst from being out of fever in Patapon 1 & 2.