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Final Showdown! is the penultimate story mission in Patapon. At long last, the Patapons come face-to-face with the leader of the Zigoton forces, but the latter is not willing to go down easily, especially now that she's gotten a boost from her master...


This level puts you against the Zigoton queen, Kharma. Advance and build up Fever before engaging her in battle. Although not a boss, she has four powerful magic spells:

  • Lightning Strike: a powerful electric blast in front of her. Use the ChakaChaka song with Ice Shield-equipped Tatepons to minimize the damage. Or PonPata to dodge the attack
  • Meteor Rain: a barrage of hot rocks that can set your Patapons on fire, best thing to use is Chaka Chaka. The Storm Miracle will help.
  • Sleeping Powder: Kharma flies into the air and drops white dust that makes Patapons fall asleep. Use the ChakaChaka or PonPata songs to stay away from the dust.
  • Zigoton Drum: Kharma summons an evil-looking drum and beats out "BADA BADA BADA BON!" on it. Upon doing so, she slowly pulls your Patapons toward her, then zaps them with lightning. There's not much you can do, but the attack is incredibly rare, and many will beat her without ever seeing it. You CAN prevent it with the PonPata song.

If done correctly, this is will be a short mission (about three minutes or less, if you're properly equipped). The key is to bring some kind of melee unit along, even if the Yaripon-Megapon-Yumipon combination works well. The reason for this is because Kharma will generally use nothing but her Meteor Rain when confronted by an all-ranged party, which will decimate them in short order. Only bring a force of nothing but ranged units if you're positive that you can finish her before the meteors wipe you out.


  • Zigoton Drum move could be a mimicry of the Gorl's move Lightning Sacrifice.


Let's Play Patapon - Mission 29 - Final Showdown

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 29 - Final Showdown

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