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Patapon 1,2 and 3 has a Tvtrope page! If your unfamiliar with Tvtropes go here and log in and edit! Also I Spongefan2 will be inactive for the next 2 days or maybe 3.So bye!

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This site is awesome! Loads of random links to pages full of opinions that are all clearly true. Thanks a lot for posting this!

Lord Cyru 09:28, May 19, 2011 (UTC)

  • Im back! Thanks for the post and i see that Patapedia had changed :).And i will never be helpful...I have been here 2 years,still using the forums,fixed my PSP and more just for you....And whats more helpful are these facts
  1. The karmen went Extinct when the Patapons opened the chest
  2. The Patapons are some kind of living Plants,since they are born from a tree
  3. Myamsar's hero mode is annoying to the other players in multiplayer.Myamsar class has a very high ratio in poison,leveling it up will make 7x+ damage to other shield class.Most of it are poison,poison everywhere! Myamsar hero mode won't let go until they are staggered,knockbacked or killed.
  4. Cannogabang is the ultimate range class(Cannon is best for killing a strong structures and monsters,Howitzer is for killing bosses and giant monsters and Lazer is best for killing a entire line of enemies.)
  5. Grenburr is the ultimate melee(Can access 9k or 99k damage)
  6. Guardria is the ultimate defense(When trouble at health or Hatapon)
  7. Charibassa is the ultimate support unit(Can boost your damage or stamina or more 1000+!)
  8. Jamsch is the ultimate Megapon(Most people are using it..Seems pretty strong)
  9. Gong wasn't stopping you from reaching Earthend,he was stopping you from killing the Zigotons his Tribe!
  10. The Karmen are the only real enemies of Patapon series so far,Zigotons are old allies,Akumapon are just empowered Zigotons or demons,Bonedeth are from Ah-hoo.The Karmen where rivals with Patapons for no reason!
  • There happy now? And then you will post "I already know that lolololol" which makes me sad.Oh well bye bye!

@Rah Gashapon:Do you really know those facts? Or you just say that cause it was funny :D

I already know that lolololol. :D 12:26, May 20, 2011 (UTC)
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