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I've been seeing how many new users are coming and don't how the wikia works! Thats im annoyed very very much.I will teach very important things!

Creating a PageEdit

This annoying people are creating pages that doesn't make any sense! And there creating pages by using a category >:(.Please why are you not reading the rules! According to Rah Gashapon's forum(click here to see it,_read_this.&t=20110509060721) "What I am finding is that a lot of pointless pages are being made. Most not making sense or just plain stupid." Yes its true please read the link i sent you! Alright before you make a page please this is very important search if there's another page.And create pages that are already created you may ask permission or just search at the bar if there's a duplicate page! And please stop making it like "Special Move" it suppose to be Uberhero mode! If you don't understand this ask Rah Gashapon!


I see many edits that is already have information! Please before you're going to edit a page please make it REAL INFORMATION this is not some kind of fan club of Patapon.And also observe the page if there is already the information your gonna add.And if you're just editing small like your just gonna edit a one word please mark it Minor Edit.For example "This i a page" and your going to edit into "This iS a page" and you only edited small,that's a minor edit so mark your small edits into Minor Edits.If you edited BIG you must NOT mark it as minor edit.To mark a minor edit scroll down and you will a button named "Minor Edit".And please don't make bad grammar you must have Big capital letters and more!

Adding Images and VideosEdit

Please stop adding Images and videos that are not related to the subject! Well that's all im gonna say.

Being an AdminEdit

I see most of you people wanna be an admin.And your requesting people to be admin that has the requirements.Answer is "NO".Look at our best users Sebapon and Kulkum they have strictly 1000 edits! You now how long you can get 1000 edits? A year and whats more shocking is there no Admins! You now they are not admins because they are very kind.Sebapon was turned into an admin maybe 2 days ago and he has almost like 1100 edits! Its not because of the edits its because of the kindness.Kindness is the answer being an admin not number of edits! They must very and smart! And know how the wikia works,most of you don't know.Sebapon and Kulkum where very nice users,so nice that they are making the wikia larger.

Blog and ForumsEdit

This annoyed me most of all.Why are you not using the forums! Why are not reading rules? We have been reviving the forums already 2 times! You now what? 9 pointless blogs are added each week.Pointless i tell you! Alright im going to show you what are the forums for and what are the Blogs for Creating a Blog is only for:

  • Making a Patapon story
  • Talking about you're favorites
  • Contests
  • and more

Creating a Forum is only for:

  • Projects
  • Questions and Answers
  • Request
  • Sharing interesting stuff
  • Request for Rollback,Admin etc.
  • and more

And finally...Edit

Please don't vandalize...If new users are not reading this then fine! Let them!


I agree spongfan2 and promise you that I will send this link to every one I know

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