Boss Type

Stone Goliath



Damage Resistance



Knockback, Fire/Ice(Patapon 3)

Signature Moves

Laser Eye

Other Monster in Relation


Gaeen is a boss in Patapon 1, Patapon 2 and Patapon 3. Gaeen is a massive, wooden (or stone) goliath created by an ancient civilization. He looks like a humanoid goliath, with a massive upper body and arms. He has a large, lolling tongue as well.

Gaeen is highly resistant to critical hits, but is extremely vulnerable to knockback. It usually drops Level 1-4 wood although he's made of stone. Yaripons, Megapons, Robopons and Tondenga are highly recommended when fighting him.



Patapon 2Edit

  • Gaeen Battle Egg- Gaeen cannot be battled outside of the Patagate. You can get his egg by defeating Dogaeen.

Patapon 3Edit


Arm SlamEdit


Gaeen ready for Arm Slam

Gaeen will raise his arms over his head while dramatically leaning backward, then then slams his arms downwards to your Patapons with a massive force. This attack does moderate damage. The PonPata song will help avoid it, but note that this attack comes a bit faster than the other moves, so use the PonPata as soon as Gaeen winds up for the slam. It can one-hit some of your Patapons so be ready!



Gaeen trying to Knockback

Gaeen cups his hands and lowers his arms, walks towards the Patapons, and then throws them away with a fierce haymaker. This attack does moderate damage and sends Patapons flying back. The PonPata song can help avoid this, but note that Patapons can get stuck between the boss' hands and body when it prepares the attack. To avoid this situation, time your PonPata to end as Gaeen advances, as trapped Patapons will be pushed into its hands, allowing them to flee.
Laser Eye

Laser Eyes

Laser EyeEdit

Gaeen stands up straight, and his eyes flash as an ominous whirring fills the air. After a moment, a thin red laser will come out of his eye and scrape along the ground. This attack does minor damage and ignites its victims (freezes in Patapon 3). The ChakaChaka song can minimize damage, but the DonDon song avoids it completely. You can use the PonPata song to dodge the attack, if your Patapons are at the edge of the screen when Gaeen starts to charge his laser.

Body SlamEdit

Gaeen, starting at Level 10 in Patapon 2, will use Dogaeen's Body Slam. Gaeen will look straight at your Patapons, with his arms back and his tongue lashing around. He then jumps on your Patapons, dealing major-fatal damage. The PonPata song is the only song that will help; without that song, even Hatapon will be squished. Avoid this attack at all costs!


Gaeen and seventh spirit

Gaeen possessed by the Archfiend of Purity

In Patapon 3, when Gaeen's HP reaches a quarter of the full bar, it will go into Rage Mode. In Rage, it will attack much more quickly and without preparing, making it more dangerous. The only thing you can do is defend or dodge until Gaeen pauses momentarily. However, if you can sustain the damage while dealing yours quickly, then just keep attacking. This is an edge that Uberheroes from the Shield Class Tree have (especially Tondenga) while other Uberheroes from the Spear and Archer Class Tree don't.


  • Gaeenhorn

    Gaeen's Horn

    The image of Gaeen on the official Patapon website is erroneously shown as an orange palette swap of Dogaeen.
  • Although its main weakness is knockback, Gaeen is also vulnerable to freezing. While frozen, it is actually completely incapable of attacking, but it also seems to be harder to knock down or stagger. If enough damage is done to it while frozen, however, it automatically falls down when the ice shatters.
  • Gaeen's arms and head crest can be cracked when those parts are hit by lots of criticals or in Patapon 3 they can be cracked using equipment that has high attack bonuses against shell like the Crablessa set which Myamsar can use.
  • Gaeen's and Dogaeen's name is similar to Gaea the Goddess of Earth, in which they are similar to it's appearance.
  • Dogaeen and Gaeen share all the moves that they have.
  • Gaeen is one of the several bosses that appears in all three Patapon games.
  • In Patapon 3, Gaeen uses an odd Laser Eye (but with same appearance) which can freeze your Patapons.
  • Gaeen, Dogaeen, and Dettankarmen are the only bosses in the Patapon franchise that have tongues sticking out.
  • In Patapon 1, when awakened, Gaeen always runs away, waits for patapons to come closer and then fights with them.


Patapon gaeen 50 defeted

Patapon gaeen 50 defeted

Gaeen Lv.50 Battle

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