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Gong Returns



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Gong Returns is a mission in Patapon. As the name suggests, it is the second appearance of General Gong (Gong the Hawkeye), who the Patapons must defeat to secure their hold on Heave-Ho Oasis from the Zigotons.

Walkthrough Edit

Gong returns

Gong taunting the Patapons in Heave-Ho Oasis

For the first part of the mission, Gong will directly address the Player, trying to stop you from continuing. Your army can't actually do anything here, so just build up your Fever Mode while he speaks. Once he's done trying to guilt-trip you, he'll attack alongside many Zigoton troops. As before, the goal is to defeat all the troops instead of Gong himself.

Continue attacking the various soldiers, noting that there aren't any health potions to help you this time, until the Yaritons complain to Gong that it is too difficult. In response, Gong sends in a Dekaton to defeat the Patapons. The Dekaton has a lot of HP, so it takes some time to defeat him. Kibapons are a decent option, as their Fever attacks can knock the Dekaton back, giving him less time to attack your army.

After killing Dekaton, continue attacking Gong as he recites a Zigoton prophecy, fortelling disaster if the Patapons march again. Eventually, he'll retreat to report to His Queen, so just ram through the remaining objects to finish the stage.


  • Gong: "Incessant Patapons!"
  • Gong: "Stop! Oh Majestic Patapon! Hear me."
  • Tateton: "Ambush!"
  • Yariton: "Please, run! General Gong! Let us deal with..."
  • Gong: "Silence! I'm just warming up!"
  • Dekaton: (walks) "Gah hah hah... Deka-Tonnnn!"


  • The Dekaton acts like a mini-boss and is considered tough by few people.
  • It is possible to kill Gong in this stage, but requires an extremely powerful army and weapons like the Sword of the late Ban the Tatepon and the bow of the late Don the Yumipon. Basically, this feat requires a hacked game. This can also be done if your army has a lot of Stagger (preferably Kibapons because their stampedes can hit Gong many times) and a lot of times, but he will drop his helm/scythe like in the later misson. His death will not mess up the timeline, so don't be afraid to try if you have good stagger.


Let's Play Patapon - Mission 13 - Gong Returns

Let's Play Patapon - Mission 13 - Gong Returns

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