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Gong Vows to Fight is a mission in Patapon. It is Gong the Hawkeye's last appearance in the game, showing his final attempt to prevent his Queen from bargaining with demons by defeating the Patapons on the border of the Zigoton homeland.


When you advance your army, you'll see Gong and his new lieutenant, Makoton, complete with a fancy new helmet. They'll send three waves of powerful Zigotons at you.

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 9.50.49 PM


Gong traitor

Gong and Makoton after a dekapon charge attack

The first two waves are simple: they are just professional Yaritons, Tatetons, Yumitons and Kibatons. Apart from their numbers, this is nothing new. Once you destroy the second wave, Makoton will call in the third wave, which is more of the same, with one new face: novice Megatons. Their musical assault will wreak havoc on your forces. You might want to use Yumipons and the Tailwind Miracle. Thankfully, the Megatons are pretty easy to kill.


The 3 only megatons ever seen

Once you beat the third wave, Makoton will begin to retreat and Gong will fight you himself. He has his old tornado trick, but adds a powerful ground slam to his attack list and, when badly wounded, will start to duplicate. Kill the 2 clones and then defeat the real Gong. He'll drop either his Helm or his Scythe.


  • This is the only level in the game that includes Megatons.
  • If your army is powerful enough, there is a chance to kill Gong before he clones himself.
  • If you deal enough damage, Gong may clone himself before Almighty's army kills Megatons.
  • Gong's "Plop!" also appears in Patapon 3, in the quest Ravenous: Duel of Faith. Interestingly, the quote was re-used by Gong himself, only that he was in his alter ego, RottenLee Ravenous.
  • At the beginning of the mission, turn your camera game to the right, you can see Kibatons and Yaritons waiting like Patapons in Patapon 3 in the Hideout.
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