Patapon Wiki
Level Info
Enemies Zigotons
Next Level Ancestral Guardian
Previous Level Crack the Zigoton Fort!
Background Music Ushishi's Theme

Gong the Hawkeye is the fifth storyline mission in Patapon. It pits the Patapons against the eponymous character, a powerful Zigoton General who intends to beat back the advancing Patapons before they can do any more damage to the Zigotons.


"The Patapon-Zigoton conflict continues, and Gong the Hawkeye has come to strike back after losing the fort. Beware of Gong's hammer of fury!"


When the mission starts, a wounded Patapon approaches you warning you about a mysterious "evil", and collapses. You can't save the poor soul, so advance to your first meeting with Gong the Hawkeye, a high-ranking Zigoton (specifically a Tateton) who intends to stop you here and now! You will be unable to do anything during his initial speech, so just concentrate on building up Fever, you'll need it here.

Contrary to the mission description, Gong's weapon of choice is a scythe, but he uses it surprisingly rarely in actual melee combat. His main attack is to summon a small tornado, damaging every Patapon and tossing them into the air. He also has several Yariton, Yumiton, and Tateton soldiers, and his high durability means that you will have more trouble hitting the cannon fodder. It's in your best interest to stay in Fever mode, as the increased abilities will be helpful in weathering the barrage. Apart from the tornadoes, it's a slightly tougher version of the last few missions, so keep to the beat and advance on the enemies.

As you drive the Zigotons back, you will come across a captured Patapon. Break the cage to set him free to obtain a Blank Map. Once most or all of his minions are down, Gong will admit defeat and fall back... for now.

Back in Patapolis, Priestess Meden says the Blank Map you got from Gong actually holds information written in magic ink. The next mission is unlocked.


  • Patapon: (walks weakly) "B...Beware......the be coming...(falls down then disappears) I'm...finished..." (dies)
  • Gong: "Those who go any further will face an early death!"