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Level Info
Enemy Dokaknel
Next Level Zigotons Attack Again?!
Previous Level Sandy Paradise
Background Music Pipirichi's Theme


"A site preserving divine artifacts was found in the desert! An ancient, battle-hardened guardian awaits the oblivious Patapons!"



Destroy the tombstone as soon as the mission starts, and you'll learn the retreat song. It goes as Pon Pata Pon Pata (Circle, Square, Circle, Square), and quickly makes all units fall back to avoid damage.

This boss is Dokaknel, upgraded version of Zaknel. It feels like Dokaknel is about as strong as Zaknel level 3, but with the help of the newly aquired song, you should be able to kill the beast if you can already kill Zaknel at level 2.

On the other hand, If you are having hard time killing Zaknel level 2, then you can ignore this boss at the moment and progress in the story to gain better equipments and items for Mater, The Tree Of Life.

If you want some challenge, or got some scorching weapons from other bosses, or did insane amount of farming and have units like Tikulee Yumipon, Mofeel Tatepon, and Gekolos Yaripons you can try your luck, and hopefully emerge victorious.

Dokaknel drops all types of vegetables and plant leveled 1-5, mostly the higher leveled plants though. It is said that the reason that Dokaknel drops so many vegetables is because plants grew on him, as he spent so much time underground before any battling happened, he also drops Dokaknel Fangs, which can pierce enemies.


  • The last syllable in Dokaknel is the same as the last in Guardian of Knell, suggesting that he is indeed the guardian.
  • Many harpoon-like weapons have been broken on him.
  • Despite being the guardian of Knell, their family name is Kunel