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"Patapons need nutrition! Capture prey to feed them meat. There'll be no victory on an empty stomach!"

Hunting on Patata Plain is the first real mission of Patapon. Having regained their fighting spirit by the return of their god, the Patapons head into the plains just outside of Patapolis to find some food before they embark on their search for Earthend.

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When you start the mission, you will learn the Aria of Attack (Attack command); it goes "Pon Pon Pata Pon" (◯ ◯ ▢ ◯). It allows your Patapons to attack enemies and obstacles. When you give the attack command, Hatapon stays where he is. There's a limited distance away from Hatapon that other Patapons can advance to attack. If there are any enemies that are in your Patapon's attack range, they will lift their weapons and their eyes will look more aggressive. When you combo a certain number of commands, your Patapons go into Fever Mode, increasing the power of their abilities. Practice the Attack song on the brick wall ahead of you when it falls, you can begin the hunt.

There are two kinds of animals to hunt here: Boar-like Kacheeks yield Leather Meat (a.k.a Cafeteria Meat); and bird-like Mochichis yield Tender Meat. Both will also drop a small amount of Ka-ching when slain. Obviously, the Mochichis are the ones to aim for, but they are easily startled and prone to fleeing, so you'll have a tough time taking them down at first. Once you get better at maintaining Fever, and acquire stronger units, they'll be easier to catch. Kacheeks are much easier prey; just stay one march command away, attack once, advance once, and repeat. The flashing sunflowers offer extra Ka-ching and the occasional Wood Branch when struck. You can't target them directly, so you'll only hit them when an animal is nearby. The rewards are fairly small, so don't go out of your way to set up a Kacheek near a flower.

About midway through the stage, you'll see an Odd totem pole with familiar symbols carved in it. Ignore it for now, but remember the pattern, you'll need to come back with the Chaka drum to find out what it hides. As long as you manage to defeat at least one animal before you cross the goal post, you'll complete the mission successfully. You shouldn't advance to the next one until you're certain that you've got the hang of the basics (marching, attacking, combos, Fever Mode, etc.), because it only gets harder from here.

Back in Patapolis, you gain access to the Altar, where you can check your inventory and Ka-ching stocks.


Patapon - Mission 2 - Hunting on Patata Plain

Patapon - Mission 2 - Hunting on Patata Plain

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