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Zuttankarmen dropping Ka-ching


Ka-ching is the money, and supposed "Life Force" of the Patapons. It appears to be golden, transparent, and spins around on the ground. If not taken after a while, it will disappear. Ka-ching can be used to create New Patapon Units from Mater, The Tree of Life, and to play minigames. In Patapon 3, it can be traded for items in Meden Mart, or can be used to upgrade equipment in the Blacksmith.

In Patapon 2, you can easily get 500-1000 ka-ching if you use this trick. The trick is very simple and can take from up to 40 seconds to 10 minutes. All you have to do is go to the Patagate and fight a boss with low health, such as the Centura or the Mochicchichi using Dekapons and Kibapons(Komupons). Finish them quickly, complete the celebration, and wait for the egg to hatch.

After the egg hatches, you will be brought to the rewards screen. Now, if you really need the materials, then take it. If not, just return to Patapolis with the unused Parachi, and you will probably get around 500+ Ka-ching.

Ka-ching Calculations:[]

When you save Hoshipon, he will keep on giving you Ka-ching

Note: Parachi only exists in Patapon 2 Patagate missions.

1 Parachi = 5 Ka-ching

100 Parachi = 500 Ka-ching

150 Parachi = 750 Ka-ching

200 Parachi = 1000 Ka-ching

You might also get a rare lvl.5 item, (i.e: Demon Bone, Demon Fang, Adamantine, etc.), OR Equipment from the egg, if you have finished getting all the Komupons & Masks for that specific egg.

And remember, the higher the egg level, it means higher Parachi, and a higher amount of Ka-ching.

Possible Ways to Get Ka-Ching[]

  1. You kill enemies (Zigotons, Karmens, Akumapons,  Bonedeths or Huntable Animals.) (Patapon 1-3.)
  2. You stagger bosses. (Patapon 1-2.)
  3. You destroy buildings. (Patapon 1-3.)
  4. You play the Kururu Beruru minigame. (Patapon 2.)
  5. Trading in Parachi for Ka-ching in Patagate. (Patapon 2.)
  6. You attack the flowers, fruits, or bee hives in hunting stages. (Patapon 1-2.)
  7. Getting it from a Golden/Silver Hoshipon. (Patapon 1-3.)
  8. When you finish an Egg battle. (Patapon 2.)
  9. You kill a Dark Hero. (Patapon 3.)
  10. Kill a Balrog while he still has his meat. (Patapon 3.)
  11. Dismantling an materials, armour, and weapons at the armory. (Patapon 3.)
  12. When a friend uses your Blacksmith. (Patapon 3.)
  13. Defeat Dettankarmen & Zuttankarmen bosses. (Patapon 2.)
  14. Defeat "Non-Boss" Types(Ex. Cyclops, Treant, ETC.). (Patapon 3.)


  • Kachinas are spirits in western Pueblo described to be representations of life forces.
    • Ka-ching could also be a reference to the onomatopoeia of the sound that a cash register makes.
  • Despite being called the "life-force" of the Patapons, it does not heal your troops. But it is still used to bring new units to life at Mater. (Patapon 1-2.)