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Karmen General Hukmen is both a minor antagonist and the name of a mission in Patapon 2. Hukmen is a Mahomen (Karmen Mahopon), described as a cruel man who once burned down a forest to destroy a Patapon village. Wielding a Heaven Staff and wearing Heaven Boots, he is the third and final general battled en route to the fortress at Sokshi Gate.

Hukmen 2

When encountered, Hukmen thanks you for killing the other Karmen Generals, saying that he is now the only successor to Ormen Karmen. Unfortunately, he still isn't going to move, so you have to engage him in battle.


Hukmen The Staffbearer

Hukmen the Staffbearer

Hukmen's attack pattern is slightly different from the other two Generals. He says the usual "Is that all to your power?" which exposes him to attack, but afterwards he says "Pon Pon Chaka Chaka" and after a cry of "Chain Lightning!", summons a stream of lightning from the sky, damaging a wide area of your troops. It is a little bit trickier to dodge compared to the other two because the attack comes from the skies and the timing is slightly off every time. If you use PonPata to flee before Hukmen begins casting, he will follow you until he is in range again and then launch his attack. Luckily, enemies and structures drop potions, so you should be able to outlast the evil wizard. If not, it is advisable to bring Dekapons to activate NoshiNoshizugan (PonChaka~PonPon) after Hukmen completes the PonChaka dialogue, but before he shoots the lightning. The earthquake will interrupt him and your Patapons will be safe. Additionally, using a Earthquake Miracle will prevent damage if used at the right time. Repeat until you defeat Hukmen, after you destroy another structure, you will find a Square Wheel. This item unlocks the Dokaknel mission.
Hukmen the Staff Bearer - Original Equipment Showcase

Official renders for the Karmen General Hukmen the Staffbearer with his original equipment.

Hukmen the Staff Bearer - Heaven Equipment Showcase

Official renders for the Karmen General Humken the Staffbearer with Heaven Equipment.


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