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Kimen the Spearbearer Mission



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Karmen General Kimen is a mission in Patapon 2. On their way back to Sokshi Gate, the Patapon army must contend with a renewed Karmen presence in the Moakan Desert, led by Kimen, the second of the Karmen Generals. As if the legendary spearmaster and his forces weren't enough of a threat, the Almighty must also worry about Meden, who has seen fit to accompany the army in their advance.
Kimen the Spear Bearer - Stand Pose

Fan-made render of the Karmen General Kimen, the Spearbearer


This mission takes place in the desert, so bring the Rain Miracle. Kimen appears, saying he'll avenge Nomen and calling his pet Ganchiku, a normal Gancheek to slow you down. When you kill the Gancheek, Kimen runs away. Chase him, but be careful; although there aren't as many enemies in this mission, the Karmens are equipped with Flame weapons that can burn and easily destroy Meden's cart.

Halfway through the mission, you'll come across the talking sign as you reach the hot sand. Perform the Rain Miracle here and keep going. Because Meden's cart is so vulnerable to fire, you'll want to make sure you perform the Rain Miracle successfully before entering the hot sand area.

You'll come across a tower where just like Nomen, Kimen makes his last stand. Watch out for the Yumimens on top of the tower; they wield Great Fire Bows and Meden can easily get damaged. When the camera focuses on Meden, and she says the cart can't stand much longer, the cart has roughly half of its health left. You definitely want to destroy the tower or kill the Yumimens quickly unless you want to replay the stage.


Kimen's pattern is basically the same as Nomen. He's almost reluctant to attack. He'll drop a Heaven Spear when you beat him, but if you already have one, he will drop either a Heaven Helm or a Great Thunder Spear, if you have both, he will drop nothing.

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