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Retrieve The Catapult

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This mission is the 15th Mission. Meden will join your advance in a cart, so you no longer get support from the catapult until you reach the "Great Despair" again. You can now bring whatever Rarepons and whatever equipment you like. But know that resistance to freeze will be helpful if the weather is snowy.


Nomen's pattern is very simple. He says "Give me a taste of your power." and stands still. This is the chance to unleash
your attacks. Then, after saying "Now it's my turn", he rushes forward and does a rising jump attack, similar to the charged attack of your Tatepons.

Note that snowy weather causes Karmens to freeze as well, including Nomen.

It is pretty nice when Nomen freezes while he charges forward, as it saves you from damage and give you time to deal damage.
Nomen the Shieldbearer - Showcase

Official renders for Karmen General Nomen the Shieldbearer.

Nomen will retreat as he gets damaged. Destroy snowball cannons and obstacles as you chase him. After you go through the ice forest, he will fight until his death. Because his attack patterns are so simple and is mainly open to attacks all the time, it should be an easy battle compared to Kuwagattan.

When Nomen gets defeated, he drops a Heaven Sword (or a Heaven Shield when you already have the sword).


  • He is one of the Three Karmen Generals who rivals the Patapon hero Ban Tatepon.
  • It is possible to skip the missions involving these 3 generals. As before you fight them, you must lose at your first attempt to destroy the Sokshi Gate. But if you do win, you will skip all of the missions from these generals. Major draw back is, you would not get the Heaven equipment you were suppose to get from them. But you can still get them from defeating high-leveled bosses.
  • It is possible to beat the mission without killing Nomen, but one must have very powerful knockback to do so, such as using a dekapon hero with an Ototodokko mask, although there is no reason to as you would also not obtain any heaven equipment either.
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