Karmen Usso Forest Fortress (or Karmen Fortress in Usso Forest) is the first Karmen stronghold encountered in Patapon 2. After fending off an ambush in the Juju Jungle, the Almighty's soldiers move against it, with some divine assistance along the way.


March forward and you'll see a brick wall with Yarimen on top of it. Behind the stone wall is a rickety Karmen
Don the Yumipon

Don the Yumipon appearing to help out.

tower with more Yarimens and Yumimens. Destroy the structures and advance to the nearby clump of grass, where a familiar helm can be seen poking out.

You'll come across Don the Yumipon, like Ban the Tatepon, Don is a returning hero from Patapon. He will join your group for the rest of the mission, and will be of much help, if you unlocked extra Patapon classes and went into the mission with the full 3 classes (and the Hero), Don Yumipon will not join the party, instead, he will leave immediately while dropping items early for you. You'll notice there are patches of grass here and there, when they are hit with fire weapons, they start burning and igniting other patches of grass nearby, they damage whoever's in contact with the fire, so you should try to avoid them at this point in the game, when it burns, you have a change for a branch.

With the help of Don the Yumipon or your powerful three groups of Patapons, this mission shouldn't pose much threat, if at all. Just march and attack. Take note of the different structures and their durability. You'll be seeing them a lot, so figuring out how much time it takes to knock each type down is handy for future battles.

If Don the Yumipon is in your party when you reach the end of the mission, he leaves you the Memory of Yumipon, a Flame Bow and some other items when he departs. Those who started the mission with a full army (3 different Patapon types and the Hero) should have gotten the same stuff earlier.

Back in Patapolis, Meden informs you that now you can create many Yumipons from Mater, The Tree of Life. Later on, you can unlock Mahopons and Megapons from the Yumipon Evolution Map as well.

This stage reappears as a Fortress Siege Stage.


Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 6 - Karmen Fortress in Usso Forest

Let's Play Patapon 2 - Mission 6 - Karmen Fortress in Usso Forest

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Karmen Fortress in Usso Forest Lv. 2+Edit

The fortress in Usso Forest has been rebuilt! You've captured it once so it's not in your way anymore, but... it might contain some valuable battle gear...


Beating this mission at Lv. 2 gives you a Karmen Egg Lv. 1

This level is nearly the same as the other one, only Don the Yumipon will not be there to help, and the mission gets tougher everytime you replay it.